Friday, April 10, 2015

Mens' Fashion Week Dallas 2015

Hey Y'all! In an October post last year, I mentioned that I was anticipating the coming of Mens' Fashion Week here in Dallas. It was a new fashion show concept that I had embraced fully, and was eager to attend the shows.

My schedule only allowed me to attend two nights, the Thursday and the Saturday. The event ran from March 23-28, and showcased the designing talent of local designers. At this point, I just want to to go record to say that show organizers need to stop listing tickets as VIP, but instead, FRONT ROW SEATING, because there is no VIP treatment served!

So with that said, let me tell you about the Thursday event. The venue was abruptly changed, but that in no way stopped the proceedings. One designer showed his collection, and he is my dear friend Nicholas Moore of the design house Nic Moore. If you have been following my articles from way back, you would have known that I have done writings and videos on his collections before. 

His collection shown at Mens' Fashion Week Dallas: - Neo Man. The concept: men's fashion can be out of the box, and yet comfortable and fun. Each piece is handmade, and is one of a kind. Nic told me that he created these 14 pieces especially for this show.

Produced by the Artistic Director of the NIC MOORE fashion house - Courtney Guy, the show opened with a dance piece that in my interpretation, depicted the birth of the new idea, the new look, the new man, who walks out into the world, dressed to his liking in his one of a kind piece, with confidence and without  fear of prejeudice. This show left me with this realization:- If you serve confidence others will have no choice but to be served! Take a look for yourself:

Katy Simms, blogger at FashionRiotDallas and me at Thursday's show.

Enter Saturday: Upon arrival, I was introduced to chef Derek McKeller of Truck MCK by Mahiritakai. He provided the sweet treats for the evening. He made me a signature non-alcoholic drink using cucumber water, melon juice and orange syrup, and garnished/decorated with mint leaves! It was delish! Everyone who had it agreed that it was yumm!! The sweet bites were handcrafted cookies made out of oatmeal, and chocolate and a combo of those two flavors. If you are needing catering done for your event, I invite you to check him out. He's accessible on Facebook.

Chef Derek McKeller serving guests at Saturday's edition of Mens' Fashion Week Dallas. Inset: Signature drink created for this event.

Hey Mr. DJ! 
I was sort of confused about the multiple inaudible annoucements being made about the event while it was in progress and there were quite a few cancellations by performers and designers, and/or new additions to the orginal published line up. There were no programs provided, or other media which made the names of design houses or performers available. The Dj did announce them, but who heard or even remembers?! LOL!  Therefore, I am not sure whose collection is which, however, I still have pictures and video to show you, so you can enjoy Dallas' talent. Some of the designers I have seen before, so that way I was able to retain who they were and their names.

I met this young man who was manning the admission area. He is a 16 year old designer and owner of his own fashion house called Lunar Fashion Design Studio. Bubbly, polite, full of life, and has an eye for style, he reminds me of myself. At the end of the show, he addressed the audience as he introduced himself, and he spoke very confidently. I was impressed with him, and I know that fashion's future will be in safe hands.

Jawan Douglas (aka Ichigawa Tomoko)
Several seats taken, even on top of the merchandise and yet still, nobody paying attention to these. Hmmmm, I wonder why?

Konjo International. Designer (left image). He has showed his collections before at fashion events in New York during the New York Fashion week.

Blokes And Divas: Designer Teddy Legbedion in bottom right image wearing black with yellow details.

#Haute! #Sexy! #Thoseabstho! #Yessirs

The men of MFWD, featuring Ken Echols (in pink trousers) who was voted the Face of MFWD 2015. Well deserved! Ken is a seasoned model, and has always maintained his impeccable standard!

I am looking forward to MFWD 2016. My expectations are that it will be a staple on the Dallas fashion scene, and only get bigger and better. It will be THE annual Spring event to attend. Kudos Mahiritakai Allen!

See my Instagram for more images and instavids, including a sexy video by one of the haute models, and to see what I wore! *wink*

As usual, the comment section is open for discussions (NOT SPAM). Feel free to share your thoughts. I love hearing from you.


  1. Love everything, from posts to the blog, overall! Could you change Lunar Fashion Design Studio to Jae Angelo Fashions?

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