Friday, December 5, 2014

Before You Shop, You Should.....Shoptagr!

It's December, and we are in the heights of the shopping season. Everyone is getting in on the sales, whether it be for gift giving, attending a special event, or just because. If you shop online, you know that there is always some 'deal of the day'! But, what if I tell you you can get more than just 'the deal of the day'?! With Shoptagr, you'll always get first dibs on an item when it goes on sale! You've seen it online, loved it, but didn't love the price! Now, I know that there are sites that have their own alerting mechanisms for when an item, that you indicated that you liked, goes on sale, but you would have to be subscribed to the site's newsletters to receive that information. 

Enter Shoptagr: Here's how it works.

Shoptagr is an extension for your browser bar, that alerts you when an item that you saw online and 'tagged' goes on sale. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Visit and follow the extremely simple and quick sign-up, and installation instructions. Signing-up, and browser extension installation takes not more than 30 seconds.

2. You are now ready to use Shoptagr.

3. When you visit a site that Shoptagr supports, you will see the extension (icon) turn from black to green,
indicating that you are welcome to tag any item you are interested in, to receive notification when there is a price discount. Click on the item you like, then click on the shoptagr icon extension on your browser bar. Enter your information. Easy as that. When the item goes on sale, you will be notified with the quickness!

4. You can visit to see record of all your tags and other information that you may want to update or input.

5. After you've signed up, please be a good friend; do your good deed of the day by sharing this with your friends who love to shop, and get rewarded at the same time!

Love what you read? Interested and ready to get started on your savings? Then visit Shoptagr now! Click here. You can thank me later! LOL!

I have already enjoyed discounts using this extension. I love it because I love to save money whenever I can! Happy shopping!