Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Makeup Show Came To Dallas For The First Time And I Was There! YAY!

At long last! The Makeup Show finally came to Dallas. I had announced this on my blog last year on October 4th when I first found out. This was the first time that they came to my city, and I was glad to have been part of history by attending. There will never be another first! It was held over two days Saturday September 27th and Sunday 28th. There was something on on the Friday, but that wasn't for the public.
My Haul: The brands I bought.

The atmosphere in there was so much fun, it was light and full of creativity. Pro-Artists coming together to demonstrate, dish on what we love, and edify creatively.

There were some top names in the industry there who have many years of experience - the celebs of the makeup industry if you will, including my favorite MUA, Danessa Myricks of I Make You Beautiful. She has been such an inspiration for me

over the years. I first had the pleasure of meeting her at the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show in Atlanta back in 2008. I attended two of her classes. She is such an approachable person and so cool and down to earth. She is self-taught and super talented. No one can teach you talent - you either have it or you don't! You would have probably seen her work in hair magazines mostly.

Her stuff has been repeatedly copied and used for posters, party flyers, etc. especially the leopard eye shadow application. I asked her if she ever gave her permission, and she said most of the time no, and laughed. She was like, "Well, what can you do?"As long as it's in the public domain it's up for grabs. She said she didn't mind though and took it as a compliment that people thought enough of her work to covet and steal it to use for their promotions. At the end of the day, every one knows it's hers. Here is some of her work, which I am sure you have already seen: See Danessa's Work.

I saw Ve Neill on my way in, she was on her way out of the exhibit hall. I called out to her, but she didn't stop. She did acknowledge me though. LOL!

The Makeup Show is geared towards professionals and students who wish to enter the makeup industry. To get in, you have to produce credentials to support same along with your purchased admission ticket. It is not like the free-for-all that is IMATS.

At The Makeup Show, you will be able to attend makeup demonstrations and pre-paid classes of your choosing - all for your education, to improve your skill in your chosen field.

The exhibit hall had a plethora of professional brands where you were able to purchase and deliciously discounted rates, including bundle deals. So, brands that you may have wanted to try, but thought were a bit too expensive, then was your chance. I bought a few things that I needed as my budget would have allowed. I rarely go overboard with my spending.

My weekend was packed with activities, and I hardly slept, but I wasn't going to miss attending the first ever Makeup Show here in Dallas!

The immaculate Mehron counter! This is some of the best makeup for professional work that money can buy. Best of all, it is always affordable! I love this brand!

Body Art by Makeup Forever.

I met up with the beautiful Rachael Yvonne Davis, Miss Plus America New York. She lives here in Dallas though. I met her last year at a fashion show I worked at where she was one of the models.

Then I took a selfie! LOL! The shirt that I am wearing I got from a friend of mine in Canada. Her name is Nicole Callender Alexander and she is a visual artist/painter. It reads: " I love (heart) my natural highlights." I got tons of compliments on this little tee-shirt.  If you are interested in getting one of these or any other pieces from her collection, you can visit her site here, to place your order, or just to see her work. Yes, that's my natural hair's texture which I'll be talking about in another blog article.

More body art. 
       One man and his blue beard at the Serenity+Scott booth.

James Vincent Of Makeup Forever being interviewed. I don't know who the interviewers are. He eventually needed that wheel chair to move around. He said that it was nothing serious though.

Orlando Santiago demonstrates how to PROPERLY use foundation, concealer and powder to contour and highlight the face. Not that crap that is being demonstrated on those youtube 'beauty' channels. People actually watch these channels and go out wearing their makeup as demonstrated by these fakeup artists, and their applications rarely ever pass the test of flash photography. Can we say raccoon, the powdered down ghost of Christmas past, or a goth Marie Antoinette that even Marie herself would cringe at her reflection?! LOL!

In closing, if you attend this show when it is in your city, you should sign up for any of the brands pro-discount programs. Online exclusives and discounts that save you money on your favorite brands are always welcomed!

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