Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fashion Week Dallas Fashion Preview

I attended the preview to Dallas' Fashion Week. I was glad to see the organizer Mahiritakai Allen back in Dallas producing fashion events again. It was in 2012 he successfully produced Dallas Fashion Week, and then he disappeared until now.

Mahiritakai Allen - the man behind the production -
addresses the crowd with the big reveal of  a Dallas
Fashion Week focusing on men's wear.
I had the opportunity to speak with him after the show and I was enlightened to some of the inner workings that kept him out of the loop for a while. Needless to say, when God has given you the talent, the guidance and instruction to go forth, there ain't one being that can derail you, maybe for a short while, but never forever! Never!

This was a preview of the grand scheme of things to come in March 2015! A fresh, new concept by Mahiritakai to produce a fashion week focusing on men's wear! Isn't that just awesome!? I think that the concept is immaculate! Too often I/we go to fashion shows to see collection, after collection, after collection filled with designs for women. There are many designers right here in Dallas whose collections are specifically for men, but are little known, not to mention male models. This is going to be something new and refreshing to see, and I can't wait. Sorry to say, but the productions that get put on year after year, have become redundant. Men are fashionable too!!

It began with a food tasting, then a 'street chic' style fashion presentation. The pièce de résistance - the Men's Wear Showcase, was left for last! I came in time for that presentation. Patrons were given mini menus of the dishes prepared, and were asked to circle which ones they liked, so that the organizers would know which dishes would be on the menu list for next year's Men's Fashion Week in Dallas.

I've added as many pictures as I was able to take, as you will see as you scroll. They are items you can look at and envision the man or a man in your life adding these to his wardrobe. From the everyday, casual street chic, to the well dressed man who pays attention to detail. There was something for every type of fashion personality. There were a few pieces shown for women, but the focus was on menswear. 

If you attended the Dallas Fashion Week Preview, and you have images from the event, don't forget to add them to the cyberspace image pool by using #fwd and #mensfashionweekdallas. 

I am sorry that I do not have all of the names of the designers to label the images accordingly, and I also want to apologize for the quality of some of the images. The subjects were moving, and well, my device has limited capabilities! LOL!

There were more collections shown that were listed on the program sheet. This was only a teaser, I expect that more designs will be added to the line up come next year.

Wedding dress designs. Designer name unknown.

Designer name unknown. He is the gentleman in the white shirt. I found the designs from this collection to be very unique, and certainly on trend. It was well received by the audience. The collection is playful, trendy and in my favorite color - blue! LOL!

Classic mens' suits - business and formal. Designer name unknown.

Silk Threads offered some Asian inspired formal and traditional wear, which were well tailored and had clean silhouettes. 

Formal pieces in green from Silk Threads. These gowns are flowy and very elegant. In my opinion, I would not have styled the dress on the right with black pumps, but rather with gold or nude ones instead. The black pumps did nothing for this dress. Thus debunking the old adage that black shoes go with everything!

Grunge street style by Speechless Vulgarity modeled by Ken Echols. Seating upclose, allows you to properly scrutinize. I was not impressed with the quality of the fabrics used nor the construction of these garments. The seams were unfinished, and in two of the pieces the seams were coming apart in the garments, in the rear and shoulder areas! I feel that garment constructors need to take pride in finishing their work, and not use 'street' or 'grunge' as an excuse for laziness. I hope that that the garments for next year's show will be better made.

Men's dapper casuals from Edo Popken.

The gathered crowd patiently awaiting the start of the show.

Brown-Lane Studios setting pano.
Designers and models oblige an appreciative crowd after the fashion presentation.

I enjoyed being part of the audience. I must add, that this event started on time, and there were no delays. It was well put together and from the 'front-of-the house', everything went smoothly. I am eagerly anticipating the big show next year Spring. For event dates and more surrounding Dallas Fashion Week's Men's Wear Showcase, you can visit:

What we wore: Our outfits of the night.

Flanked by my equally fluent in fashion friends Nicholas of NIC Moore, and Melissa of TTTEvolution. LOL! We all carried clutches, but we didn't plan it!

Blazer Jacket: Insight New York.
Pants: Just Fab
Shoes: Dollhouse
Cropped Top: Forever 21

I always loved geles/ichafus. My mother used to wear them. I only recently learned how to tie one myself, and let me tell you it does take practice! LOL! But when you get the hang of it, you can style it anyway you like.

Accessories close up: Clutch, Ring and Earrings - Just Fab.
Watch: Jeaneret

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