Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dallas' First Carnival! It Was E P I C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told you that there was going to be a carnival parade in Dallas for the first time ever! It was SUPERBLY EPIC!!!!!

I played with TTTEvolution and we had a blast, to say the least! We made history! There were two bands, and we were the only costumed one. It started about 3 hours late, but all that is part of what we call 'good bacchanal'! LOL! 

Check out the video below for highlights from our band TTTEvolution on the road.

I was told that the Dallas carnival organizing committee would keep this event annually on the last Sunday of September. So, in case you missed it this time around, then keep up with us at TTTEvolution. Visit our facebook page for more images, and to stay abreast for our band launches for carnival. 

Leading up to the event, starting the Thursday night, there was a party every night till the actual day of the parade. 

Next year it is going to be bigger and better for sure!

TTTEvolution's official website will be launched soon. So stay tuned for that. To my West Indian people in the DFW Metroplex, and nearby states, (matter of fact, all are welcomed from where ever you are on planet Earth) I hope to see you in our band for 2015! 

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