Friday, October 17, 2014

♥Back To My Natural Curls♥

Full on fro! LOL!

Hey Y'all. It's been years, but I am back to my natural curls.

In the middle of last year I started feeling like I wanted to color my hair again. However, my hair doesn't do well with double processing. It can only take one chemical process at a time. So to be able to color my hair permanently, I had to grow out my natural hair.

I didn't do a big chop, I just cut if off gradually - which is what people refer to as transitioning. Since September last year I have been wearing protective styles, which included crotchet braids and rope/Senegalese twists with Marley hair. Before I knew it months went by, and my natural texture had grown out so much, I just decided to continue.

This hair typing thing I am also on the fence about, because I am not really sure what that is anymore. I've got naturally straight hair, curly hair and kinky hair on my head now. So I dunno! LOL!

My hair is fine and thrives well when it is left alone. People who watch my You Tube videos now and then ask me if I still take hair vitamins, and yes, I do. They also ask me if they made my hair grow faster, and no, they didn't. My hair grows on average ½ to ¾ inches per month, but what the vitamins help do is make my hair strong from the inside out, so it doesn't break and shedding is minimum, so therefore, if my hair stays on my head instead of breaking off as it grows, then it appears to be growing faster. - Catch the drift?

I don't believe that there is any thing that can make hair grow faster than it usually grows, but there are things that can make your hair healthy and strong - like the Maxi Hair Supplements that I use. These also make my skin and nails look and stay healthy. I used to get a toe fungus in my big and index toes, every now and again, and that would be from my toe nails edging up in my sneakers when I'm exercising, but since I have been using the Maxi Hair, that has not happened. I wear a thin layer of acrylic on my fingernails, and when I get it removed, my nails are firm still.

Sometimes, I get little white heads on my face and I would pop them. Before, doing that would leave a superficial mark, but now, that doesn't happen since using the Maxi Hair, Skin and Nails supplement. I must add in that my doctor has cleared these for regular use.

Back in the early 2000's I wore my hair natural and always brightly colored. By 2005, I had gotten bored with it, and went back to relaxing it and colored it jet black. So, I guess it's high time for some color! LOL! 

Unlike some, I did not go natural to make a political statement. I just feel like wearing my own curls, with color. So don't look for me joining any Team Natural or any of that kind of foolishness that only serves more to divide people than to unite.

About my regimen, nothing has changed save for the relaxer and apple cider vinegar treatments - those are gone. I still use the same products that I did when I was relaxed. They work just fine. I am not a product junkie, so I wait until my current stock is depleted before I go out to buy anything new. I do like trying new products though. At the beginning of July, I got a birthday coupon from Sally's for $10 off a $20 purchase and they were at the time having a B2G1 sale on some of the brands they carry for naturally textured/kinky, curly, and coily hair care. This is what I ended up with: Instagram photo.

I had my hair colored professionally. No, I don't know the color because it didn't come out of a box. I asked the colorist to lift it from a 2 (my natural color) to a level 6 or 7, and to do it like an ombré or gradient. I wasn't ready yet to color from root to tip.

During my healthy hair care journey that I started back in 2011, I learned that my hair loves protein. It's just as well because since it is now colored, it will need proteins to keep it on track. These are the products that I am currently using : Shampoos, Conditioners, Stylers.

I don't use them all at once (just incase you were wondering). They all have a specific time when they will be used. I keep a calendar from week to week so, I can remember what I used the week before. I still do pre-poos (pre-shampoo treatments) the night before shampoo day. I make my own mixture using essential oils and natural oils. I just air-dry when I'm done with my hair sectioned off in twists.

As a curl refresher, I use water with some of this product in the picture below added to it. I found this early in my hair journey, and used it off and on. It contains silk proteins and amino acids which my hair lovesssssss! It leaves it feeling soft, and well, you see how the curls look. Sometimes, I can just use this and coconut oil and go about my business if my hair already has product in it. No need to add more product, the water just re-activates what is already there, if you know what I mean.
You can find this at Sally's or other beauty supply stores. They usually go for about $1.19 a piece and Sally's.
I went to dinner on my birthday. To get my hair with defined ringlets, I just used the curl refresher mixture I made with the Smooth 'N' Shine and water, added coconut oil, and brushed through my wet hair with my Denman brush. This was the result after it air-dried.

Things like shampoos and conditioners will always be subject to change, but I will always make sure to have a no-sulfate one for weekly use, and a chelating and clarifying one for alternate monthly use.

When I use the sauna at the gym, I spray my curl refresher concoction or any liquid leave-in moisturizer into my hair because that dry heat can make it feel very dry.

Managing my hair is very easy. I don't have problems with dryness, flaky scalp, knots, and tangles, and my hair or the most part is pretty easy to style. My Denman brush is my new found friend. LOL! I've had it or such a long time, and didn't really use it much. I find that the Denman is better for curls rather than straight hair. This particular one detangles and defines curls in one go. I still use my bonnets when I'm going to sleep, or a scarf if I'm doing the pineapple method to maintain my curl definition. If you are not familiar with the pineapple method - it's simply pulling all your hair to the top of your head, as far forward that you can get it, then tying your scarf around, leaving the curly top open (think of the way a pineapple looks). This helps to keep your curls from getting smushed, and it also helps with volume.

The Denman curl defining and detangling hair brush that I use. I got mine at Sally's. Note: Denman is the brand, there are other brands that have brushes like these.

I don't really like the way twist-outs and braid-outs look in my hair. My technique is not good, so I leave those alone. Maybe when my hair gets longer, I'll try it. A bit of gel and that Curl Enhancing Smoothie by Shea Moisture is all I really need for curl and wave definition and sheen that lasts all day long, even through sweaty workouts at the gym.

Yeas, dealing with my curls has been no hassle so far, and I can only imagine that it would get better since I know how to care for my hair relaxed or natural.

Summertime at the pool. I use a sun spray for hair from the Ion Purifying Solutions collection. It provides protection for the hair from sun saltwater and chlorine. I have been using this for years now, and you will find it at Sally's. It's their brand.

I do a lot of finger combing. Your fingers are great tools to use when manipulating your hair. You don't always need a comb or brush.

In this picture you are able to see my hair color best. I styled my hair in a fro-hawk and just tied a silk scarf into a headband. My go-to styling products are Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and IC Fantasia's Sparkle Lites No Alcohol Gel.


  1. Hey Marie~I love your hair and the curls!!! I've had a couple of packs of the silk fusion for a while and never used them. Now that you have mentioned it, I will have to give it a try. You always give some great recommendations :-)

    1. Hey Robin! Thanks girl! Oh nice, you should try them out then, your hair just might like the product. I used it also when my hair was relaxed, as I mentioned. You can even mix it in with your daily leave-in moisturizers.

  2. You're welcome! Ok, I'm going to try mixing it with my daily leave-in-moisturizer. Thanks for the tip :-)