Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sooooooooo! Dallas Is Having A Carnival!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! You read the title right! And no, this is not a carnival with rides and clowns, and large fried turkey legs! It's the Caribbean-style carnival parade of the bands in the streets with costumed revelers jamming to sweet soca music.

I found this out by accident since there really was no extensive promotion via the various media in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Arguably, there is no Caribbean community here like there is in other cities in the United States, so my jaw dropped when I found out. 

I was able to attend two parties hosted by Island Divas - (Samsara J'Ouvert) and another party promoter who calls himself Bacchanal Sounds - (Trinidad And Tobago's 52nd Independence Celebration). They both had top named soca artistes who performed at both events. Tallpree from Grenada at Samsara J'Ouvert, and Shurwayne Winchester from Trinidad and Tobago at T&T's 52nd Independence Celebration.

Those two events were not related to the upcoming Dallas Carnival, but it alerted me that things are rumbling and shaking in Dallas, Caribbean style! DFW has joined the other cities like Miami, New York, Houston, Boston, and Washington DC who have Caribbean communities and a carnival parade. Yessss gawwwwd!

If you do follow me on Instagram you may have seen these instavids and/or pics that I posted from the events. If not, here they are. Instagram only allows you 15secs for a vid, so you gotta make it work! LOL!:

Samsara J'Ouvert

Samsara J'Ouvert

Samsara J'Ouvert

With Shurwayne W at T&T's 52nd Independence Celebration

Enjoying the sweet sound of soca at Trinidad And Tobago's 52nd Independence Celebration in Dallas.

I enjoyed myself at both. I am from Trinidad And Tobago and have been struggling, living in boring Dallas! LOL! So I was only super happy to attend when I found out that these events were being put on.

The Dallas Carnival costume parade - the first of its kind here, is being held on September 28th, 2014. There are going to be parties leading up to that day starting on Thursday 25th. Interested in attending and purchasing tickets? Visit their website: http://www.dfwcarnival.com/

There was a costume launch/unveiling that was held on August 31st which I found out about after the fact! Someone tagged me on Facebook in a video that was recorded at that event that showed the costumes. Here it is:

The video was recorded in low light, and the quality is not the best.


The images below will give you a better view......................

The black that the lady on the left has on is not part of the costume. Those were her own personal additions. Shoes are not included.





Frontline costumes are always more elaborate, cost more (obviously) and are at the front of their sections in the band, in case you are not aware. Yes, the costumes come with bottom pieces, they just forgot to put them on the mannequins! LOL!

Those are the costumes that are available if you are interested. Last day for registration in September 14th. You can contact Melissa:

email - tttevolution@gmail.com.
phone: 214-730-3960
Facebook: TTTEvolution

Her band is all-inclusive which means that you get a costume, park entry fee paid, food, and drinks for your money. The prices are rather reasonable in my opinion compared to the prices that are normally charged to play in an all-inclusive band. Frontline USD 120.00, backline USD 90.00.

I understand that there is the option to also make your own costume and pay a $15 park entry fee, as well as purchasing printed tee-shirts. For more information on that, please visit the Dallas Carnival website and contact the committee members.

Island Divas, not affiliated with the Dallas Carnival Committee, aim to have a Caribbean flavored event at least once monthly. You can follow them on their Facebook page Samsara J'Ouvert to keep abreast of their events.

I love Carnival and I am excited! Wait a minute, do you remember this blog article from last year February? That time I did it just for fun, but now I can do it for real! YAY!!!!

I am also planning to attend on that same weekend - The Makeup Show, I have some juggling to do, but I'll figure it out! LOL! The Bronner Brothers' Hair Show is usually on this same weekend, but it seems that this year's been postponed! Thank goodness, because I don't have the ability to be omnipresent! Hahahahah!!!

Of course, if you are interested in getting your makeup done to compliment your costume, you can contact me through my website: FlawlessAndFancy.Com

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