Friday, June 6, 2014

Take The Next Step To Your Weight Management. Product Review

In my Go Vox Box that Influenster sent me, was this Next Step Fit 'N' Full Protein powder, courtesy the Vitamin Shoppe. I got three flavors to try, Fresh Berries, French Vanilla, Swiss Chocolate. I regularly use protein powders and my favorite brand is Muscle Milk.

Next Step Flavors: Fresh Berries, French Vanilla, and
Swiss Chocolate, and Jaxx Mixing Cup.
I have had them all, and I can tell you that they were all delicious and didn't have that kinda artificial aftertaste that subtly works its way in. Muscle Milk watch out! LOL!

Let's talk about the cup. It holds up to 16 oz (2 cups), and it comes with this jaxx thingy that helps mix the powder into a liquid. Yes it looks like the jaxx from the 'Pick-Up-Jaxx' game we all (well some of us) played as kids. After shaking, the powder didn't mix completely, but that could be because I used cold water. It didn't matter to me anyway. 

Check out my instavid for a demo on how easy it is to whip up a healthy nutritious drink.

  • Next Step Protein Powder can be used as a meal replacement for those trying to manage/lose weight,
  • It can also be used as a recovery drink post workout. You would want to consume a protein drink within 45 mins after working out for best results.
  • Easy to pack, store and travel with.
  • Tastes delicious, and is satisfying.
  • Does not completely mix, even after vigorous shaking when cold water is used.
  • Mixing cup does not travel well with liquid in it. That is to say, you would need to hold this in your hand or make sure it is stored upright in your travel bag or elsewhere, otherwise there will be spillage big time.

Would I recommend it? Oh hayle yes! Stop by your nearest Vitamin Shoppe or visit them online to pick up the Next Step in your weight management.

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