Saturday, May 31, 2014

Smooth Away Rough Callouses With Pro Foot's Pedi Rock

In my Influenster Go Vox Box I got this Pedi Rock by Pro Foot.

You see where is says "I'm soft"? I was wondering how well will this thing work if it is not firm like the other pumice stone thingys that I am used to?

It is soft, but not like pillow soft! LOL! It has give which adds to the ergonomic design and makes it comfortable to hold while you file the dead skin away. It says, that is can be used wet or dry.

Ergonomic design features firm but soft material (silicon carbide crystals) and tear drop shape which makes it easy to hold when in use.

I like to do something which is called 'dry scrubbing' by the professionals. That's where you file the soles of your feet while they are dry, with a dry file. Believe me it definitely cuts down the time for a pedi, and removes the callouses much better in my opinion. I used the Pedi Rock dry to smooth my soles.

If I compare the Pedi Rock to my Professional Salon Foot File, it doesn't measure up to a 'T', but it did do a reasonably good job. I would recommend that this Pedi Rock be used once weekly, and then apply your favorite foot cream. 

We neglect the soles of our feet when we use lotions, and with all that we put them through - putting all our weight on them - wearing shoes, walking, dancing, jumping, running, etc. They go through a lot, so they definitely need to be treated better. Plus, a lot of our nerve endings are in our feet, this is why you can relieve your sinuses by putting eucalyptus or menthol rubs/ointments between your toes, and will experience a stuffy- nose become cleared up.

Pedi Rock can be used to keep your feet soft and smooth between your Spa visits. MSRP - $8.99. Cleaning is easy, just rinse off with water and leave to dry.

Pro Foot has a complete foot care line featuring many implements to keep us on top of our toes! LOL! Visit their website, and/or check them out on Facebook.

Fun fact: Pro Foot offers a money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with their products!

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