Friday, April 4, 2014

Dookie Twist Up-Do. My Go To Style For My Natural Hair Extensions

This here is one of my favorite ways to wear these extensions. It takes less than five minutes to achieve, and you can even do it overnight and wear a scarf or bonnet to bed. It won't disturb the style and you can lock in any moisture that you put in overnight.

In my initial post about this Marley hair, (just search under the Hair Styling Tutorials tab and you will find it) I mentioned that this hair is synthetic and feels coarse, but will soften up once you use moisturizers in it. It especially responds to the heavier types - like butters for example.

Up-dos always work for any occasion, and you can never go wrong with them!

All I did here, was section the hair into four or five, add moisturizer, twist it up using two sections since I wasn't braiding, and then pin up each section while overlapping. Easy as that! 

You may just need to use a hand held mirror to help see the back of your head to make sure you don't leave any gaps. Add hair accessories if you wish, and you are done.

Natural Hair Extensions Braid-Out With Marley Hair

This is a follow up to my previous post of my initial installation of this hair. Because of it's extremely textured nature, I decided that I would try a braid-out on it.

These were my results:

Not bad at all, for someone like me who ain't great at braid or twist-outs. The great thing about synthetic hair is that it holds the style forever until you wet it!

Close-up of the definition.

After sectioning the hair, I first sprayed the hair with water then applied the NYM Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream. The size of the wave will depend on how small your braid/plait is. For looser waves, do bigger braids, for more definition, make your plaits smaller.

The hair remained soft and moisturized throughout the day, and mind you this was in the Winter time. That NYM Kinky Moves is great for use on real hair also, not to mention is smells wonderful.

You can find NYM products at Ulta, Target and Walmart. As well as other select specialized beauty/hair supply stores, or online. The price for the one shown above is generally around $6.