Friday, March 7, 2014

Stepping Out In Silver, Black And Red

I visited my friend Stacy in Boston recently, and in this pic we were at her boyfriend's birthday party. We had a great time as well are known to do. LOL! #wearethelifeoftheparty

I actually thought that Boston was going to be much colder than it was. I even packed my body stocking which I didn't even have to wear. I was glad that the Winter weather was bearable though (while I was there), because Mass can get realllll cold!

Liquid Silver Sweater: Dots
Vegan Leather Skirt: Costa Blanca purchased from
Watch: Apple Bottoms
Earrings: Gifted
Crystal Beaded Bracelet: Can't remember where I got it

SN: All Dots stores are closing down, and they currently have a sale going on. Check them out!

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