Friday, March 7, 2014

Natural Textured Hair Extensions With Crotchet/Tree/Latch Hook Braids. ~ I am loving these!!!!

Hey y'all!! I took down the twists I wore for 6 weeks, and decided to try the latch hook/tree/crotchet braid extension technique. Listen to meeeeeeee, I am lovinggg these! I have never tried this method before, and after seeing some pictures of people online wearing it, I decided to give it a try.

If you missed my twists with Marley Braids article, you can read it here.

One thing I didn't like though is the way the hair looked - how it was attached to the cornrow using the knotting method I saw. It didn't look natural, if you know what I mean. Hair doesn't look like that on the scalp. Anyway, I found this video on a site called and I thought that this was an awesome idea to add extensions to naturally textured hair. I had never thought about using Marley hair that way.

I reused the hair from the twists, and I must admit it was a task, because I had to untangle the hair first and then attach it! It took me like two days to finish! Then when I was almost done, I found that the hair was too big! LOL! It wasn't heavy but waaaaayyyyyy too dense, so I took it all out and started over.

I had 75 of these in my head, but it's more like 150 because I used two to make one since I wanted them long! Since the hair was constantly twisted up for 6 weeks, it was a bit of a challenge not to mention time-consuming to untangle. I lost a lot of hair too (the Marley hair), but the hair was reusable. 

Enter the colossal hair ball after untangling which I discarded! OMG, and you know I still had lots of hair left?! I didn't even use all of the twists I took down! I was really wearing lots of hair! LOL!

Once I started over, it took me the better part of one day to finish. I didn't check the number of hours. I was listening to music, watching movies and other live streams on my computer so I didn't really keep track of the time.

I braided (cornrowed) my hair all back, then connected the length of all the plaits and pinned them up in the middle. You may not be able to tell from this picture, but the hair was super thick and I had only done half! I have none of my real hair left out.

This is the finished look after taking it down and doing it over. I had to separate one twist into two and some, three pieces. I styled it in a half-up do with two milk-maid twists that I interlaced.

Close up of the tree braid extension technique. At the time these images were taken, I was 22 weeks post relaxer.
To prepare my hair for this protective style, I of course did my usual shampoo and I also did a protein treatment since I usually do one every 6-8 weeks. I used my ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo which is also a neutralizing/chelating shampoo. (I use this shampoo every other month, since it helps to remove mineral build up from the hard Texas water.) Then, I treated my hair to a reconstructing conditioner (protein treatment) - I used this one...

Click on image for product review.

Followed up with my favorite deep conditioner...

 Click on the image for product review.

Post shampoo and deep conditioning, I opted to blow dry my hair and I used this to do it...

Click on image for product review.

This is what the hair looks like after shampooing, deep conditioning and air-drying.
It took about 1 hour to dry completely. About 2 hours less then when I had the twists in.

Like I mentioned in my first article about this hair, it feels very dry and coarse; but will soften up when you use moisturizers in it, especially the thick, buttery or creamy kind.

This feels like my own hair in terms of weight. Does not tangle, and is so versatile to style. Marley hair is 100% kanekalon and cannot tolerate direct heat. To permanently curl/straighten, I will have to use hot water and curling tools like rollers and flexi-rods.

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