Friday, March 7, 2014

CoverGirl Outlast Glosstinis - Product Review

While shopping in Walmart, I saw these and decided that I'd try them. They cost < $3.00 each. I have seen them before but paid them no mind.

I am wearing Inferno(615) and Rogue Red(610).

What I like about them is that you will be able to use them up before they dry out since the bottle is small. You know sometimes you buy nail polish, and the bottles have so much product in them that you don't even get half through before they dry out or change to some other color. LOL!

I like shiny and glittery things including nail polish, so the Glosstini idea appealed to me. They are marketed as having the ability to deliver sheen, shine and look glossy.

1. Color goes on evenly and 1 application is sufficient to get the color looking opaque like in the bottle.
2. Small, and easy to pack and travel with. Might be TSA friendly?
3. Delivers sheen, shine and gloss especially under lights or in the sunshine.
4. Cute packaging, especially for display on a vanity.
5. Comes in a variety of exciting colors.

1. For 3.5ml/0.11oz, one would think that the price is a bit much.
2. Not really a con in my opinion, but the cover being so square and the brush so short, the design is not really ergonomic.
3. Does not chip, but tends to wear off after about 1 week around the top edges if you are wearing acrylic on your nails.

I purchased 4 of them. The two not shown are Violet Flicker(625) and Scalding Emerald(635).

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