Friday, March 7, 2014

Beating The Celebrity Face - Natasha Moore

While on vacation I had the pleasure of doing radio personality, show host and Boston celebrity DJ Natasha Moore's make up for her birthday party.

She told me that she wanted to look even more fabulous than she usually does. She wanted a look that would take folks breath away and when they caught it, they would shower her with compliments! LOL, she didn't say it that way, but that's what I knew she wanted. She showed me this sassily dope little lace embellished bodycon dress that she was wearing, and I took it from there. Natasha loves elaborate looks, and certainly has the personality to wear them!

This whole thing was impromptu, since I had to go out myself that same night. I didn't bring with me on my trip makeup to work, but Natasha brought her makeup that she wanted to use, and I was able to use her stuff. She had good stuff! LOL!

I got to work on her doing a classic black monochrome smoky eye, and red lip, highlighting and contouring her facial features to make them stand out even more. This application was easy since Natasha has great, even toned skin.

Natasha Moore

I like to work on the eyes first and then skin, since it is easier to clean up any fall out from eye shadow. That's a tip for you.

The look was completed by blending all the skin shading and highlighting diffusing all lines. My expertise when it comes to makeup application is in perfecting the skin. I am very well known for that. I believe that the skin should look flawless, but naturally so, as well as be able to pass the tests of flash photography and HD camera scrutiny.

In the end, Natasha was very pleased and gave me feedback that she accomplished what she set out to do with her look. I love a happy and satisfied client.

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