Friday, March 7, 2014

Natural Textured Hair Extensions With Crotchet/Tree/Latch Hook Braids. ~ I am loving these!!!!

Hey y'all!! I took down the twists I wore for 6 weeks, and decided to try the latch hook/tree/crotchet braid extension technique. Listen to meeeeeeee, I am lovinggg these! I have never tried this method before, and after seeing some pictures of people online wearing it, I decided to give it a try.

If you missed my twists with Marley Braids article, you can read it here.

One thing I didn't like though is the way the hair looked - how it was attached to the cornrow using the knotting method I saw. It didn't look natural, if you know what I mean. Hair doesn't look like that on the scalp. Anyway, I found this video on a site called and I thought that this was an awesome idea to add extensions to naturally textured hair. I had never thought about using Marley hair that way.

I reused the hair from the twists, and I must admit it was a task, because I had to untangle the hair first and then attach it! It took me like two days to finish! Then when I was almost done, I found that the hair was too big! LOL! It wasn't heavy but waaaaayyyyyy too dense, so I took it all out and started over.

I had 75 of these in my head, but it's more like 150 because I used two to make one since I wanted them long! Since the hair was constantly twisted up for 6 weeks, it was a bit of a challenge not to mention time-consuming to untangle. I lost a lot of hair too (the Marley hair), but the hair was reusable. 

Enter the colossal hair ball after untangling which I discarded! OMG, and you know I still had lots of hair left?! I didn't even use all of the twists I took down! I was really wearing lots of hair! LOL!

Once I started over, it took me the better part of one day to finish. I didn't check the number of hours. I was listening to music, watching movies and other live streams on my computer so I didn't really keep track of the time.

I braided (cornrowed) my hair all back, then connected the length of all the plaits and pinned them up in the middle. You may not be able to tell from this picture, but the hair was super thick and I had only done half! I have none of my real hair left out.

This is the finished look after taking it down and doing it over. I had to separate one twist into two and some, three pieces. I styled it in a half-up do with two milk-maid twists that I interlaced.

Close up of the tree braid extension technique. At the time these images were taken, I was 22 weeks post relaxer.
To prepare my hair for this protective style, I of course did my usual shampoo and I also did a protein treatment since I usually do one every 6-8 weeks. I used my ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo which is also a neutralizing/chelating shampoo. (I use this shampoo every other month, since it helps to remove mineral build up from the hard Texas water.) Then, I treated my hair to a reconstructing conditioner (protein treatment) - I used this one...

Click on image for product review.

Followed up with my favorite deep conditioner...

 Click on the image for product review.

Post shampoo and deep conditioning, I opted to blow dry my hair and I used this to do it...

Click on image for product review.

This is what the hair looks like after shampooing, deep conditioning and air-drying.
It took about 1 hour to dry completely. About 2 hours less then when I had the twists in.

Like I mentioned in my first article about this hair, it feels very dry and coarse; but will soften up when you use moisturizers in it, especially the thick, buttery or creamy kind.

This feels like my own hair in terms of weight. Does not tangle, and is so versatile to style. Marley hair is 100% kanekalon and cannot tolerate direct heat. To permanently curl/straighten, I will have to use hot water and curling tools like rollers and flexi-rods.

CoverGirl Outlast Glosstinis - Product Review

While shopping in Walmart, I saw these and decided that I'd try them. They cost < $3.00 each. I have seen them before but paid them no mind.

I am wearing Inferno(615) and Rogue Red(610).

What I like about them is that you will be able to use them up before they dry out since the bottle is small. You know sometimes you buy nail polish, and the bottles have so much product in them that you don't even get half through before they dry out or change to some other color. LOL!

I like shiny and glittery things including nail polish, so the Glosstini idea appealed to me. They are marketed as having the ability to deliver sheen, shine and look glossy.

1. Color goes on evenly and 1 application is sufficient to get the color looking opaque like in the bottle.
2. Small, and easy to pack and travel with. Might be TSA friendly?
3. Delivers sheen, shine and gloss especially under lights or in the sunshine.
4. Cute packaging, especially for display on a vanity.
5. Comes in a variety of exciting colors.

1. For 3.5ml/0.11oz, one would think that the price is a bit much.
2. Not really a con in my opinion, but the cover being so square and the brush so short, the design is not really ergonomic.
3. Does not chip, but tends to wear off after about 1 week around the top edges if you are wearing acrylic on your nails.

I purchased 4 of them. The two not shown are Violet Flicker(625) and Scalding Emerald(635).

Beating The Celebrity Face - Natasha Moore

While on vacation I had the pleasure of doing radio personality, show host and Boston celebrity DJ Natasha Moore's make up for her birthday party.

She told me that she wanted to look even more fabulous than she usually does. She wanted a look that would take folks breath away and when they caught it, they would shower her with compliments! LOL, she didn't say it that way, but that's what I knew she wanted. She showed me this sassily dope little lace embellished bodycon dress that she was wearing, and I took it from there. Natasha loves elaborate looks, and certainly has the personality to wear them!

This whole thing was impromptu, since I had to go out myself that same night. I didn't bring with me on my trip makeup to work, but Natasha brought her makeup that she wanted to use, and I was able to use her stuff. She had good stuff! LOL!

I got to work on her doing a classic black monochrome smoky eye, and red lip, highlighting and contouring her facial features to make them stand out even more. This application was easy since Natasha has great, even toned skin.

Natasha Moore

I like to work on the eyes first and then skin, since it is easier to clean up any fall out from eye shadow. That's a tip for you.

The look was completed by blending all the skin shading and highlighting diffusing all lines. My expertise when it comes to makeup application is in perfecting the skin. I am very well known for that. I believe that the skin should look flawless, but naturally so, as well as be able to pass the tests of flash photography and HD camera scrutiny.

In the end, Natasha was very pleased and gave me feedback that she accomplished what she set out to do with her look. I love a happy and satisfied client.

Stepping Out In Silver, Black And Red

I visited my friend Stacy in Boston recently, and in this pic we were at her boyfriend's birthday party. We had a great time as well are known to do. LOL! #wearethelifeoftheparty

I actually thought that Boston was going to be much colder than it was. I even packed my body stocking which I didn't even have to wear. I was glad that the Winter weather was bearable though (while I was there), because Mass can get realllll cold!

Liquid Silver Sweater: Dots
Vegan Leather Skirt: Costa Blanca purchased from
Watch: Apple Bottoms
Earrings: Gifted
Crystal Beaded Bracelet: Can't remember where I got it

SN: All Dots stores are closing down, and they currently have a sale going on. Check them out!