Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hair Stop And Shop's Super Holiday Giveaway! YAY! I Won!

If you are connected with me on Facebook or Instagram or seen my IG feed in this blog, you've probably seen this...
In winner's row *wink*
Hair Stop And Shop had a giveaway for their customers via Facebook, and I decided to enter. My mind wasn't really on winning but moreso that I would get to share once again about this cute little, realistically curly synthetic wig that I bought from them last year, which I reviewed on my blog and You Tube channel.

If you missed the article, you can read it here.

Anyway, this was how it went: customers who purchased from HSAS in 2013 were invited to submit their reviews on their item(s). Picture reviews as well as blog articles or You Tube videos were the accepted forms. What I liked about this giveaway was that you didn't have to harass anyone by begging for votes - which is a deterrent for me. You won't really find me entering anything where I have to beg someone to vote for me. I don't like to be a nuisance!

Anyway, I submitted my review on YuToya by Model Model and I almost fainted when I found out it got the nod from the judges to receive the grand prize! I already congratulated the other ladies who entered and were winners, but congrats ladies....again LOL! (in case you are reading)!

In addition to the prizes for the winners, HSAS generously gave a piece of fashion jewelry to everyone who entered, which she had to choose from a select list. What I actually chose I didn't receive, but I was thankful for it all the same, maybe they ran out of what I liked.

I would like to again say a colossal thank you to Hair Stop And Shop for choosing my entry as the winning one! 

HSAS is an online beauty supply store that specializes in customer service and quality hair extensions and wigs at prices that you will love. Check them out, buy something. Who knows, it could be your turn to win next!

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