Thursday, February 13, 2014

All Dressed Up - Winter Chicness!

Hey y'all! How ya doin' this Winter! It's been rather cold here in D-Town!

I haven't really done much posts showing my style/fashion sense. I will be trying to add more of those to my blog from now on. It's just that I don't usually have time to take pictures when I'm done dressing - I just dress and step! When I get to the event or work, I'm busy till it's time to leave and I don't remember. And sometimes when you ask someone to take a picture of you, they mess it up! LOL! True, true, true!!!!

Ok so here goes... I attended this event here in Dallas last Saturday called The Awakening. It was the reception event staged by The Fashion Opera. For more info on what they're about, check out their website

This is was my look:
Hosiery - Charlotte Russe.
Dress - Go Jane
Coat: Ali Express Vendor.
Shoes - Shoe Dazzle.
Clutch: Just Fab.
Ankh Jewelry: Earrings ordered from Amazon, ring purchased in Las Vegas.

Two of the cast members from the show. Left - Whitney Brown, right - Beatrice (Bebe) Lawrence. I love these girls. They have been in my makeup chair many a-time, and we always have a blast, and their skin is beautiful!

I got sooooo many compliments on my ensemble I was overwhelmed. People I didn't know asked to take photos with me et al. I was like, "this must be how celebrities feel!" I didn't like all that attention though, but I accepted it graciously. I just prefer to dress nicely and not be put on blast! LOL!

Whitney hadn't seen me for a while, but when she does I'm always backstage with an apron on and makeup brushes in my hand. She didn't recognize me that night! Check out my Instavid to see her reaction when she realized it was me recording her! LOL! I had a great time at this event, the energy in the room was so positive and light!

If you'd like to see more of my style, leave me a comment below so I'd know if it is worth the effort doing these kind of articles.