Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sephora Glitter Liner And Mascara Duo - Product Review

I purchased this back in the Summer when I went into Sephora to claim my birthday gift. I love glittery things, and glittery makeup. It thought that this was an interesting idea, so I got it. It cost $14.00

Sephora Glitter Liner And Mascara duos are very showy under lights. Here they show off in the sunshine.
Sephora Eyeliner And Mascara Duo in Evening Blue.

I will say that it does in fact glimmer and glitter when it's on. I always get compliments when I wear it. The cosmetic-grade glitter particles reflect light very well, but this product burns like Hell if it gets into your eyes. Yea, you don't want to wear this stuff if you are going some place where you are going to shed tears! Lol!!!

I first wore it when I went to see KÀ performed by Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas back in August. The theater was dimly lit with most of the lights focused on the performers on the stage. The constant dimming and brightening of lights in a otherwise dimly lit area was a bit much for my sensitive eyes, so, they began to water. All I could say is, (throws up hands to the Heavens) thank God I had dry tissues in my purse, because hunty my eyes were not having it! LOLLLL!! It felt like I rubbed pepper into them. My eyeballs were on fire!!!!

The mascara part doesn't seem to do much in my opinion since it is not a lengthening formula of sorts. If you are looking for some length or fullness with this, I suggest you use a primer, or apply it to falsies, then you would get that "oomph" or pop in the eye area.
Sephora Glitter Liner And Mascara Duo: Does not lengthen or give fullness, it just coats the lashes with glitter that will show up under lights and flash photography.
The brush for eye lining is thin and this makes application easy and precise. 

Sephora Eyeliner And Mascara Duo in Evening Blue.

Removing the liner is easy too, comes clean off with your favorite makeup remover wipes, cream, or facial wash.

After my eye-burning experience (LOL), my technique for applying this is to first line my eyes with a sweat and transfer resistant liner, and then apply the product directly over it. This will create what I would call a little 'retainer wall' and gives the product something to cling to so it has less of a chance of running into the eyes.

See the color chart here, but I recommend you visit your local Sephora for a better appreciation of the colors available.

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