Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Creme Of Nature Argan Oil Line - Products Review

Earlier this year (April) I won the entire Creme Of Nature Argan Oil line from a contest I entered on You Tube hosted by TwinGodesses, and sponsored by Creme Of Nature.

Since then, I have used some of the products and I am ready to give my opinions on them. This picture below shows everything I received as the Grand Prize winner:

I did not use the products that contain mineral oil since I do not use products with that ingredient in my hair. I gave away the Oil Moisturizer and the Deep Conditioner. I kept the Oil Sheen Spray to use on skin.

To see a complete list of the things I got, please read this article.

Products I loved and will repurchase:

1. Foaming Wrap Lotion - Oh yes! This gives my roller sets life, and my hair never feels crunchy or weighed down, it has lots of movement.
No additional product added, just the foaming wrap lotion and the rods. Definition to the Gods! LOL! In these images, I am 9 weeks post relaxer treatment.
Second-day curls/waves.

2. Moisture And Shine Shampoo - is a sulfate-free shampoo that cleanses gently without stripping. Hair remains soft and smooth, with a noticeable sheen. Hair feels soft and smooth after shampooing, and smells heavenly!

3. Perfect Edges - I don't use products to slick down my hair line, simply because I don't need it, but I tried this and what I liked about it is that is holds the hair in place without leaving it hard, and there is no flaky residue. It conditions the hair while it holds it in place. This see-thru, yellow-gold, solid gel-like product goes on smooth and adds sheen to hair. I use this product a different way from its original intentions. I put this on my hair after styling it as insurance for my fly-aways. It keeps them at bay, and my hair still has movement if it is left open.

Products that worked well, but may not (subject to change) repurchase:

1. Oil Treatment - works like a serum for finishing hairstyles, and may be used as a hot oil treatment. This works ohkay, but I feel like it didn't really keep my hair moisturized when used as a serum. It definitely didn't stop my hair from reverting after straightening. LOL!

2. 100% Argan Oil - the debate is that Argan Oil should be stored in dark bottles so as to preserve its potency. This oil comes in a clear plastic bottle. The Argan Oil can also be used on skin or as a cuticle softener. It has a medium-thick consistency, but it is light-weight. Kinda like me! LOL!

3. Perfect 7, 7-N-1 Leave-In Treatment - can be used for all of these purposes: 
  • as a heat protectant
  • as a moisturizer
  • as a detangler
  • as a breakage defense
  • as a frizz-controller
  • for preventing split ends
  • for adding exotic shine
This is a great product for traveling, it takes the place of several products that you may need for styling and maintenance. However, it's first ingredient is water, so if your hair is naturally curly/kinky and you are trying to maintain a straight style for a couple of days, I don't recommend using this.

4. Gloss And Shine Mist - it claims to control fly-aways, but it didn't do that for mine. I am not even sure if the shine lasted after it was initially sprayed. No need for this if you use Oil Sheen Spray, or a glossing polisher. 

5. No-Lye Hair Relaxer Kit in Regular Strength.

6. Strength And Shine Leave-In Conditioner - this left my hair feeling crunchy which I absolutely do not like. That happened because I used to much the first time around. This product just needs to be lightly misted on the hair when it is towel dried after your shampoo routine. I use this when I am air drying my hair without a roller set and it just emphasizes the texture in my 'texlaxed' hair. This will probably work well for someone who wears their natural curly/kinky texture, and wants to define their curl/wave pattern.
Air-dried hair with Strength And Shine. Product needs to be shaken to mix ingredients. It looks like milk when this is done. - Looks like milk and smells like vanilla, but please don't drink it! Hahaha! In this image, I am 12 weeks post relaxer treatment.

The reason why I will probably not purchase those listed above is because I already have natural oils that I use, and similar staple products. I have seen comments made about people getting cut while trying to open the 100% Argan Oil bottle. Though I myself didn't experience this, I would advise that you be careful when handling this bottle. Though made of plastic, the edges around the cover are sharp. As for the relaxer, it did work very well, but I just prefer No-Lye ORS regular strength. I have been using that since 2011 and it does good for my hair. I order the twin tub package which only contains the relaxer, developer, gloves and the mixing stick, which sells for $10.89 at select Sally Beauty Supply stores or Sallybeauty.com. The moisturizing deep conditioner and neutralizing shampoo that come in the package, I have in the large bottles. They are staples in my regimen.

I have yet to use the Hair Color.

As mentioned earlier, the Oil Sheen Spray contains mineral oil in the form of C 13-14 Isoparaffin, so therefore I would not use it in my hair. I have found another use for it though. I use it as a light moisturizer for skin, on models at photo shoots and fashion shows to give their skin a healthy glow. 

Products I did not use:
Moisturizing Deep Conditioner
Oil Moisturizer

Again, as mentioned above, I gave these away. I was unwilling to try them because they contain mineral oil.

All of the C.O.N. Argan Oil products have a distinctive scent to them. It is a warm vanilla smell, which is absolutely delicious! This line has products for both relaxed/chemically treated and natural hair. As you can see, some worked for me, and some didn't, but I do recommend this line. Everyone's hair is different and as a result may experience differences when using the same product. That is to say, the way it worked for me, doesn't necessarily mean that it will work for you the same way. Always keep your receipts, so that you can return the item (once it is returnable). 

Of the styling products I reviewed here, I don't think any of them can stand up to the dryness that textured hair experiences when it comes to the colder months if they are used alone, so I would suggest that you have your regular heavy moisturizers (butters) on hand, and your natural oils of choice for sealing in moisture.

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