Friday, December 20, 2013

Cover Girl Whipped Foundation Fails!

I saw this in one of my Essence Mags back in Spring I believe. Janelle Monet was wearing it in the ad ( or so they said). I decided I would like to try it, but it was kind of difficult to find. When I did find it (at a Walmart), I realized that this foundation does not offer a wide array of colors at all. In this day and age, one would think that cosmetic brands that are carried by mass merchandisers would have a wide range of colors that would be able to compliment any skin tone! See their Whipped Foundation's complete 'range' here.

In the magazine's ad, it stated the color that JM was wearing was 365, so I looked for the color 360 that was just lighter than hers, which is too light and has the wrong undertones for me, but her color is too dark for my skin. (Bear in mind images for print (magazines) are ALWAYS altered!!!) There is no color in between those. *rolls eyes*. I can get away with it if I use a bronzing powder all over my face, to neutralize the excessive pink tones. My undertones consist of yellow and neutral ones. Not pink or red. Honestly, I really don't know what Cover Girl's story is with this foundation line. *rolls eyes*.

Let me show you. The proof of the pudding is in the flash photography!
Left: Without flash photography.                                    Right: With flash photography.
As a makeup artist this certainly WILL NOT do! No way hozay!

Left: Without flash.                                        Middle and Right: With flash
An old trick us MUAs use when foundation does not match the skin tone well leaving it looking ashy, is to use a red based powder to neutralize. This is the result of me using a warm, red toned bronzer, but that still wasn't good enough. It is always best to get your skin color correct, rather than try to correct it!

Left: MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in C6.   Right: Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Dark.
The Studio Fix is what I normally use, and I sometimes use the bronzer as blush or a contour. The mess that this product made on my face, I had to use the bronzing powder as a face powder to attempt to correct the pink, and ash created on my face by this foundation.

However, for the price it feels more luxurious than you would think. It has a velvety feel, goes on like a cream, and dries quickly to a matte finish; but it does not work well in terms of matching skin color, at least in my case. It definitely will not pass the flash photography test! It gives I would say, up to medium coverage.

This is the reason I do not buy foundations or face powders from the grocery or drug store. First of all you usually cannot test them, and they really do not do a great job of matching someone's skin color properly. You always find this out when it is too late after you take a picture with flash photography, as demonstrated above. I have seen all the grey and ashy looking faces and stupid pursed lips I need to see posted all over the internet. I am so over it! I dunno, I guess they think they look cute like that.

It costs about $6, but you definitely get what you pay for here. The bottom line is, if you are a woman of color, I do not recommend this for you. Skip it, put the extra dollars together and get something that matches and won't embarrass you when you take a picture.

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