Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Six Ways To Be The Sexiest Smelling Girl Everywhere You Go!

Two of my favorite fragrances. Chloé by Karl Lagerfeld and Woman, by Dita Von Teese.

Check Your Schedule.
1. If you are going out for drinks or timed socializing, do you need your fragrance to last all night? Citrus and floral blends tend to wear for a few hours, while amber, woody, and vanilla-based scents can last twice as long.

Follow The One Hour Rule.
2. Mist yourself 1 hour before a party or date, it takes that long for the more sultry based scents to come through.

Know Your 'Hot Spots'.
3. Spritz your fragrance on your pulse points so it diffuses over time during the evening. 
Pulse points:

  • Behind the ears
  • The front of your neck below your ears
  • The inside of your wrists
  • The nape of your neck
  • Your cleavage/décolletage
  • The backs of your knees
  • Your stomach (the body's heat center)
Scent two, maximum three of these pulse point areas when using a parfum, and up to five if using an eau-de-toilette.

Brush or Comb It On.
4. Spritz your brush or comb, then run it through your hair. The bristles absorb scent molecules the same way fabric does. This works well if you are leaving your hair down, but you if not, just hold the fragrance up over your head, spray up into the air, and step under the mist as it falls down to scent your hair.

Keep Him On His Toes.
5. Try a sexy/sensual new blend if you are used to wearing florals or citruses, his nose can get used to your favorite perfume.

Try A New Version Of An Old Fave.
6. Using a fragrance's coordinating shower gel and body lotion is an easy way to scent yourself from head to toe. Plus, the concentrated layers extend the perfume's wear for the entire time that you are wearing them.

1. Shop savvy - the holidays are here, so now would be a good time to pick up the gift-set versions of your favorite fragrance, or one that you'd like to try. You get all the products you need to layer at a fantastic price!

2. Remember, parfums are more concentrated that eau-de-toilettes, so therefore less is required when using a parfum.

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