Thursday, November 7, 2013

Product Review: Isabella's Own Texture-Fuse Silkening Lotion

Today I am going to review this product. I bought it at the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show here in Texas. I mentioned it in my re-cap article of the event.

Isabella's Own Texture-Fuse Silkening Lotion.
I must tell you though that this product line is by Bronner Brothers and it is not a consumer product, meaning you will not find it for sale in beauty supply stores. It is of professional quality, and you will only be able to get it at a salon that uses it, if it is stocked for retail. This is what the lady whom I bought it from told me when I asked her what was the difference between this line and the 4Naturals which is also by Bronner Brothers. However, some of the style maintenance products can be bought online.

I bought this particular one from her because I was looking for something that would keep my hair from frizzing while keeping it moisturized when I leave it out after blow drying and/or straightening. Bear in mind this line is for people who wear their natural hair textured, but it can be used on relaxed/texlaxed. My hair is what is what is called 'texlaxed'. The word comes from a fusion of the words relaxed and texurized, and was coined on the internet hair forums. It is not a real term in cosmetology. Texlaxed hair is relaxed hair that has not been processed bone straight, and there are several ways to achieve this. My method is to add a deep-conditioner to my no-lye relaxer mix. This method leaves my hair with lots of texture in it, which I prefer because I have fine hair, and it tends to look fuller this way. However, some people think that this is my natural texture. 

My natural hair texture is type 3c/4a, and O S and cottony, using the L.O.I.S. hair-typing system. My hair has a tendency to be frizzy, but I don't really mind that.

Now, let us get down to the product review. It says that it:

1. Provides a generous and continuous moisture to the hair.
2. Eliminates frizz.
3. Repels humidity.
4. Adds shine

Well, after using the product as directed, I have to say that what is says it would do, it did! When I shower, my hair line all around my head gets wet, and even then my hair didn't revert! I was surprised! I am very impressed with this product and I am glad that I took the lady's expert advice and purchased it.

The product has a thick consistency, and light floral scent which is pleasantly received when the wind blows through the hair.

My hair did remain sleek and moisturized while I was wearing it bone straight. It didn't even budge with sweat.

After blowdrying my hair, I used the comb-chasing method to achieve a bone-straight look. My straightening iron is a GVP that I got at Sally's. It works extremely well, and I only need to do one heat pass. GVP is comparable to CHI.

My hair after blow-drying.  - Time for another trim. -  I didn't comb my hair out properly for the photo. Somehow I never do! LOL! It is kinda hard to take good photos of the back of your head when your hair is open, especially if you have no one around to help you.

A close-up of the sleekness and sheen, after straightening with the GVP iron.

After straightening, I just wrapped my hair up. I did not use any other product in my hair besides the Texture-Fuse Silkening Lotion.

After a little over one week, I shampooed my hair and it went back to normal, and textured. I had to because I exercise during the week and my scalp was dirty. I experienced no damage to my hair shaft or current structure.

I paid $12 for it at the show, and the line has several other hair care and styling products. This line like the 4Naturals doesn't contain any preservatives (parabens) or mineral oil.

See more of Isabella's Own products and you can also check out their Facebook page, or join them in conversation on Twitter.

I do not use direct heat in my hair very often at all, so this product is going to last me quite a while since I only need less than a dime size per section. Consumer products are great, but it is always good to have professional grade products in your arsenal of products for the maintenance of healthy skin and hair.

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