Thursday, November 7, 2013

Naked 3????!

There are rumors floating around about a possible Naked 3 from Urban Decay after pictures of the palette were leaked on Instagram (but have since been deleted). I have seen some say that the rumors are true. A lady who works at Sephora responded in a blog post saying that Sephora employees were told that UD would be releasing a Naked 3, but it would be available for purchase in January 2014, and they (Sephora) were given the 'gag order' until then!

A first look at the Naked 3 neutral eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay.

On the good ole Ali Express, you can actually buy it now, but folks are saying it's a replica/fake! LOL! I have my own opinion about fake and real. I mean, if the product is being made in China and then brought back to the US and other countries and sold for "'X amount jacked up price", can these so-called fakes be intentional left overs from the batch that wasn't shipped to the US and others? They all made at the same factory, not so? (Food for thought!!) But anyway, that's a whole different topic!!!

I found a French blog called Wheeconfetti where she talks about the release and shows swatches of the palette. 

I am also seeing different images of the packaging, so if and when it does come out, we shall see. From Wheeconfetti's blog article, if this is a real product, the colors in it look very similar to the ones in the Naked and Naked 2 palette, that I already own. But seriously though, how many neutral color eyeshadows does one person need? I think Urban Decay is either running out of ideas for their products, or trying to milk their Naked series for everything it's got. LOL!

UD was contacted to get some clarity on this, but they have yet to respond.

I will do an update on this when I get the dibs.

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