Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Let's Go! #Team Hadassah...

This post is a bit different from the norm, but then again my blog is versatile, and is about my interests that I like to share with my readers. 
I had the pleasure of working with this young lady on Saturday November 23rd, at the TrendNext 2013 Charity Fashion Show here in Dallas. Her name is Hadassah McGrew. She was one of the awesome Shavonne Dorsey Designs models, and has now embarked on another quest to become the next Karmaloop model, which she so deserves. I think we can help her achieve her goal! We must vote! The judges will choose the next Karmaloop model from the top ten finalists.
Voting is allowed once every hour until December 13, 2013. Now, I know no one is gonna stayed glued to his/her mobile device or computer all day and night long, but if you are willing to help her, please try to vote as many times as possible. 
Click here to cast your vote. You can also share this post or this link on your timelines on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc, so that your contacts can see it, and hopefully join #TeamHadassah. If she wins, she will travel to Boston for a photo shoot with Karmaloop, as well as win a $1000 shopping card. Voting ends Dec 13. Hadassah thanks you in advance so, let's get her votes up!!! Let's go! #TeamHadassah
Hadassah McGrew

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