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Highlights From The Bronner Brothers International Hair Show - Arlington, Texas 2013...

For the second year, the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show was back in Big T, and of course I was there. It was held again at the Arlington Convention Center over 3 days, September 29 - October 1, 2013.

I always enjoy attending this event because there is a wealth of knowledge to be had, as well as the excitement from the spectacles of the competitions. The competitors bring their A-games. Texas does really have a lot of talented people, and this is a great forum for us to meet at.

Day 1 started off with the Makeup Challenge. Competitors were to create a look that could be worn on the 'Red Carpet', or a bridal look - a.k.a look that would work for a formal occasion. They were given 30 minutes to complete their look from start to finish. Makeup was applied to clean, bare skin while the hair was done prior to competition , as per the rules. There were only three entrants, so they all were winners! YAY!

Very heart warming since it was only added to the list of competitions this year. Please note 
that competitions are done in the mornings here and not at night like in Atlanta. So, if you want to witness them, you need to get to the venue from 10 am, especially to secure a good seat since there are no big screens, because this is what happens when things get underway:

Judges: esteemed industry professionals Sheryl Hicks and Dr. Dave Ray deliberate while the MUAs clean up their stations.

The winning look. L - R: Model and MUA.

Winners Row: Mr. James Bronner poses with the winners of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Onstage, L: 2nd place, M- 1st place, T - 3rd place.

Next on the agenda was the most anticipated spectacle of the whole BBIHS which is known as the Hair Battle. This competition affords talented Hairstylists the opportunity to show off their skills when it comes to working with hair, and they make it a spectacle for sure. Four Hairstylists from Texas and neighboring southern states competed, bringing their A-game as they usually do while making sure that the crowd was entertained. 

Guess what? This year I made sure to get video footage (whoooooop!). I know my readers like the lil video inserts, and I promise you, these ladies DID NOT disappoint! They are:
Stacy Mason from Louisiana styling her live dolls.

Chimere Grant from Oklahoma - Beauty in the battlefield.

Toni Wright (a.k.a. Texas T) the Texas hair weave killa.

Twila Ware from Oklahoma ensures that even though her clients are crazy, they still got to look good!
DON'T GO ANY FURTHER YET!! Check out the video footage first to see how the judges - Sheryl Hicks, Dr. Dave Ray and Brittanica Stewart - came up with their decision.

While the competitors waited on the judges' decision, they posed for pictures with last year's winner, Dallas' own celebrity hairstylist Keisha Kirby (second from right). Each competitor was given a trophy for their efforts. Trust me, the work that these stylists present at the hair battles, you can see that there is a whole heap of hard work that is put into it! I appreciate them for their talent and presentations!

Chimere won it for Oklahoma, and as I tried to take her picture she was asking the overwhelming congratulative crowd to please bear with her, because she didn't want to seem like she wasn't receiving them, but she was just so ecstatic and needed to call her mom to tell her the great news that she had won!
Tears of joy flow in Chimere's camp as she is announced as the winner!

Hair Battle - Texas 2013 winner Chimere Grant.

In the evening, the last competition was one for Barbers, but only this guy registered:

Steven Gilbert et moi.

Steven is a professional and talented barber from Louisiana, and was given the opportunity to do demonstration instead. He did a man's bob hair cut.

Demonstrating his technique.

Ms. Brittanica Stewart chats with some lady barbers who were in the audience.

Finished look. Man's bob hair cut by Steven Gilbert. Dude's cut is tight!

Wanna know more about Steven? You can find him on Facebook and Instagram.

Steven explains his technique to the attentive audience.
Usher in Day 2. More competitions! There were 3 competitions on this day, two of them held simultaneously in the early morning, and one at just after mid-day. The Student Mannequin and Student Rising Star Competitions were done at the same time, possibly because there weren't very many entrants. For the Student's Mannequin Competition, students of cosmetology are given 30 minutes to style a mannequin's hair with a style that is suitable for the face shape and features. The Rising Stars are given the same time, but they use live models.

Competitors get ready to rumble. L: Rising Star participants. R: Student Mannequin entrants. Ms. Brittanica briefs them on the rules.

I met the fabulous Ms. Brittanica last year when I attended, and I was very elated to see her hosting again when I walked in. She even remembered me! YAY! Anyway, lol, she is an excellent hostess, and is able to engage the audience effortlessly, sharing her plethora of knowledge and experience gathered over the years, being a highly trained and experienced cosmetologist that is at the top of her game. She is the truth, and you can definitely learn a lot from her. What I also appreciate is that she doesn't talk at you, she speaks to you. You can relate to the things you hear her say, and will remember them. In the picture below, she interviews some students of cosmetology, and gives them advice. She encourages students to ask questions, because as she says, those who ask questions are the ones who will be the most successful!
Brittanica Stewart interviews students of cosmetology.
In my opinion, as a student, you should consider yourself a winner just for having the courage to enter a competition that is going to be observed and judged by top professionals in your industry. Entering competitions like these will help you with time management and improve your overall skill.

First, second and third place in the Students Mannequin Competition.

The winning look.

First place Student Rising Star Competition (stylist in center) with Mr. James Bronner.

Second Place Student Rising Star Competition (stylist in center) with Mr. James Bronner.

Just after mid-day the Grab Bag Competition got under way. This competition is open to both student and licensed professional alike. Competitors are given a bag full of hair styling goodies, and must create a hairstyle using ONLY the contents of the grab bag. This competition is designed to show off the stylists' true skill. Style must be completed in 30 mins. Participants provide their own model, who can even be someone from the audience, but the model must not be already wearing commercial hair. 

I remember when I attended the show in Atlanta back in 2008, a girl whom I didn't know, came up to me and asked me if I would be her model for the Grab Bag Competition. I told her yes, but she backed out saying that she was to shy to bother with it. I think she was afraid of the large crowd in the audience. LOL! In case you were wondering, all of these competitions have cash prizes as well as trophies.

Winning looks. The stylists in the Grab Bag Competition, and their models wearing their creations.

After the competitions I went into the exhibit hall and attended some education classes. The thing is all of these things, -  classes, competitions and exhibit hall platform demonstrations go on simultaneously. So, you have to pick and choose what you want to attend. I know I love watching the competitions, so I just schedule what I will do next around those, and just catch what is left later, especially as a blogger/vlogger! LOL!

Captures from the exhibit hall and classroom demonstrations:

This guy was seriously beatin' some face here. Very talented, and the client loved the finished look. I really loved his shirt.

Stylish Artists' aprons, and other work gear.

Varieties of shea butter have become so popular and easily accessible. Shea butter is excellent for keeping hair and skin moisturized.

 Floor length fashion. These elegantly draped maxi dresses were fab.

If you know these brands, you will see these in the picture for what they really are!

Do not buy fakes! The last time I blogged about this event, I intentionally left out the fact that there were three booths in the exhibit hall selling fake brands of cosmetics. Not this time, because they were back again! One of the things I loathe about this is that they are not telling the customers that the items are fakes, so people will buy thinking that they are getting a bargain because they are at a trade show. Buying fakes/replicas only cause problems, one of them being it hurts the designers/creators because they have to now find ways to ensure that their design/intellectual property is not continuing to be stolen and replicated. This comes at a cost, which is then passed on to the consumer. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Additionally, you get a substandard product.

L-R: Design Essentials and Ashtaé booths.

Fab hair at the BBIHS.......

This young lady with the braided pompadour hair style competed in the Grab Bag Competition.

Hellooooo! This is color hunty! Wicked blend of high and low lights!

Helicopter hair by Chimere Grant. Winner of the Hair Battle - Texas 2013.

Dr. Dave Ray a.k.a. The Beauty Surgeon, master hairstylist, colorist, and author demonstrating his techniques in his Arithmetic Of Color workshop. He is also the head judge of all Bronner Brothers hair and makeup competitions. Dr. Ray is online at BeautyWerkz, and you can find him on Facebook too.

What would a hair show be without commercial hair for sale? Can you guess the lengths for sale here?

Now that's what you call a hair hat!

The very pretty Destiny DeBose Collins. Destiny is a licensed professional cosmetologist from Texas, who entered both the Makeup Challenge and the Grab Bag Competitions, placing second in both. Everyone wanted to take pictures with her. Stunning!

Colors of the rainbow asymmetrical feathered-bang bob.

Pomping it up with pompadours. Top: Keisha Kirby, Dallas-TX celebrity stylist and winner of the Hair Battle - Texas 2012, and her son. Below: Mannequins and real folks wear the extremely popular style.

Professional styling tools and product demonstrations for curling and straightening hair. 

Top: Curling demonstrations by Vodana with their array of professional heat styling tools.
Bottom: Hair straightening for textured hair by BASIC.

The two models here were attendees of the show who agreed to have demos done on their hair.

Model shows on the Ipad what her hair looked like before it was blown out in preparation for straightening.

Most of the hair products  and styling tools sold at these shows are professional quality and in some case you can only find them at salons there after if you wish to purchase. There are of course consumer products that you can buy as well. I visited the 4Naturals booth and picked up a box of  Type 3. 

I bought his product last year to try, and I loved it. In the box, all the products you get would total about $50, if you bought them individually, but the show's price was $10 even though it said $20 on the box! Last year I paid $15! I did review these products already, and you can check it out here, if you haven't already seen it. $10 is a steal, so I had to get me a box since it is very difficult to find 4 Naturals in the town where I live. It is only sold in select Sally's Beauty Supply Stores in Dallas, and depending on the location, you won't find the entire line for your hair type. The products do last a long time, and I still have some of the ones I originally bought. I have had to repurchase the scalp serum several times, because I ran out of that the fastest. 4 Naturals is a Bronner Brothers consumer product line, that is geared toward natural hair textures, but it works just fine if your hair is relaxed. There was the option to purchase the products individually for $5 each, but the $10 for 5 in a box definitely won out!

I didn't shop a lot simply because that is not my reason for attending this event. I go for the education. In this industry, you have to keep yourself updated on the regular, because it is so dynamic and ever-changing. I did however get these few things. I have used the Isabella's Own (another product line by Bronner Brothers) already, and will review it in the future, so be sure to stay connected so you can read all about it. 

The Black Girls Rock is a tee-shirt that I got for $20 from ABC Bling, and I wore it on day 2. The words are written out of of adhesive reflective/blingy sticker dots. If you want one, check out their site online at

The eyelashes you can get at your local beauty supply store, or online at Ikatehouse for around $2.50 or $3.00 per pack. They were 2 for $3.00, so I just got two packs. It was like buy 1, get 1 free.
My comfy shoes on day 2. I got them at DSW. They are Patrizia by Spring Step. Denims - Apple Bottoms.

I was having problems using the BBHIS mobile app to upload pictures, but I was able to do some instavids. View my instavids  for additional video footage on Instagram. You don't have to have an account to see the posts, but if you are following me on there already, you've probably seen them! LOL! I was a real multi-tasker for those days as I tried to gather my footage. I was juggling using 4 different recording devices simultaneously! LOL! I think I did rather good doing it all by myself.

On day 3, the exhibit hall is closed and there are only education classes.

See additional highlights from the BBIHS.

Read last year's article.

If you missed it again this year, please try to make it in 2014. You can keep abreast by connecting with them on FacebookTwitter, and even Instagram, so that you can know when the show will be in a city near you. I talked to a few people who were there, and they said that they didn't find out about it till the very last minute from their distributors of their salon products! Kinda unbelievable, especially if you're a hairstylist since this show is world famous and has been in existence since 1947! Not to mention with all the technology available. Anyway, anyway, and aneeeeewaiy!


  1. Hey there lady, you certainly delivered. This looks like so much fun and a great time to learn some valuable tips and tricks of the trade. If I lived in Texas I would've been there for sure!!! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    1. Hi BlessedTresses. Thank you. I'm glad to know that you appreciate it cuz I surely worked hard on this one! LOL! For some reason I am unable to find my video on You Tube to embed it, hence the link. Oh well! It is a great show, cuz you can learn a lot from the pros. I have been attending since 2008. Continuing education is fundamental especially in this industry. You can check their website to see when they will be in a city near you. Their home is in Atl, but they travel to The Bahamas, Baltimore, MD; Oakland, CA; and Arlington, TX. I'm excited for The Makeup Show. :)