Tuesday, October 22, 2013

CONair Hot Rollers - These Have To Be The Worst Hair Styling Tools I Have Ever Purchased!!

These were on sale back in Spring at Ulta, so I decided that I would give them a try since I never owned or used hot rollers. It says Big Curls on the box, but they're a BIG MISTAKE and a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!

The first time I used them I did a video recording which you can view here. These things didn't even put a dent in my hair, so to speak. I have fine hair that is very easy to curl.

At first, I thought that it may have been my technique or the fact that my hair did have moisturizers in it, and maybe the build up may have caused the result I got. 

I have used these with the steam feature, and without. I got the same result! Again I tried - I used these on clean hair, freshly shampooed and conditioned with no leave-in. I left the rollers in my hair for about 2 hours. Same thing! When I took the roller out, the section of hair didn't even have volume or even a curve, much less a curl!

Needless to say I returned them to Ulta and I got store credit, because I didn't have my bill. I did see the negative reviews online that they got, but I just thought well............maybe the persons didn't use it correctly, (which sometimes is the case), or their hair wasn't long enough for the size of rollers. The technique that I learned was, if you are looking for your hair to have a tight curl, then the size of the roller chosen should allow the hair to be wrapped around it at least twice. If you are looking for volume and softer curls, then you use larger rollers as per your hair's length. 

Upon measuring my hair, it is about 18 inches, so definitely my hair can wrap around 1½ inch rollers with ease more than one time.

My opinion: EPIC FAIL! DO NOT buy these! Pass them straight when you see them on the shelf! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR YOUR TIME WITH THESE! Afterall, I guess the same says it all.......CONair!! 

Rating: These get all fingers and toes down from me!


  1. This is not the first time ive seen conair make products that didnt work....they have some good things..but a lot of them flop

    1. That is correct! The blow dryer that I use is a Conair and I have had it for over 10 years. I bought it in Barbados. I was just glad to get these out of my house and get my money back.