Monday, July 22, 2013

☼☺Skin And Hair Care While Enjoying The Summer Sunshine☺☼

Bikini - Baby Phat.

It's Summer time again! I must say that here in Dallas, the weather has been rather 'cool'. Usually starting from mid-June the weather is well into the 100's and...... no rain. In the Summer time we like to say, 100 days of 100º+ weather! So far, the weather has been barely breaking the 100's, and we have experienced lows in the high seventies. Hahaha! How's that for an oxymoron? It's been rainy too!

Anyway, I have been out to the pool in the compound where I live a couple times, and I would like to share with you some of the things I use to protect my skin, and my hair. I pay more attention to my skin, because it is a living organ, and damage from the sun can be permanent as well as be a precursor to skin cancer.

Sun is great for you, for your needed dose of vitamin D, but over exposure to the sun's rays is not. A long time ago I had thought about the fact that there were no products to protect the hair from the sun's rays. There was just sunblock for skin, and then I went to Sally's and found product no.2.

I use it when I am hat-less in the sun, and when I go swimming in the pool which is more chlorinated than the water that we normally consume for bathing, and shampooing hair. 

Because of the length of my hair (mid-back length), I either braid it up, or put it into a bun (which helps prevent tangling) after I have sprayed the ION Sun Protecting Spray on. This product is not elusive, and costs about $7.49 (+tax); even less if you have a club card. It does work, because when I get out the pool, and the sun, my hair does not feel dry or stripped at all. Some people saturate their hair with a heavy conditioner, but this looks grosse when you get into the water, and there is a circle of film around you and film in the water moving in the direction of others from the conditioner! Ewwww!

This hair spray by ION Purifying Solutions is also designed to protect the hair from the drying effects of salt water. It is 100% vegan, and paraben free.

Products no.1 and 3, are my skin protectors. I use the Cetaphil all year round. I do not use any blocks over 25 on my face, because it is not recommended, as they tend to irritate the skin, especially in the eye area. However, the rest of the body can take the higher concentrations. I prefer to use the sport ones because they tend to be water and sweat proof, which makes them stay put and you need not be bothered with frequent re-applications.

Get someone to help you apply if you can't reach certain areas to properly or evenly apply; like your back for instance.

Fact 1: Sunblocks do not prevent the sun from burning your skin, but they do prevent the damage that comes from the burning.

Fact 2: 60% of the sun's harmful rays can penetrate glass and water.

I also like to use my sunglasses (with UV filter), kellys, and lip balm. You can't go wrong with extra coverage. LOL! Good skin will never be out of style!

Oversized sunglasses by Apple Bottoms.
Kelly sun hats from Dots.

Lypsyl organic lip balm.

Drinking lots of water is another necessity for me. It keeps me and by extension, my skin hydrated. I love water. If I was told that I would have to choose 1 drink to have for the rest of my life....guess what it would be? If you guessed water, then you're right! LOL! 

No! I DO NOT wear makeup to go swimming!

I wrote an article on this topic last year too. If you would like to read it, click here.

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