Friday, July 19, 2013

✿I Ain't Spending $120! I Made My Own Floral Crown Hair Accessory✿

I love hair accessories. In my recent (August 2013) issue of Lucky Magazine, I saw this and fell in love with it, but the price.......I was like "Uh uh! Hayle naw!"

So, I decided to make my own. The following is the tutorial of how easy it was to make, and of course for definitely less than $120!

I got these at Michaels. They were $3.25 per bunch, less 30% off at the register!

After removing the flower from the stem, cut off the back to make the surface flat.

Remove the plastic calyx, and glue the fabric calyx to the petals. This will ensure that the flower does not come undone.

I used an ouchless headband (top), but if you don't have one of these, you can use elastic (bottom). If you are using elastic, measure it around your head snugly, but not tight. You can do the measuring before or after you've added the flowers. After getting the right size, cut and stitch or glue ends together securely.

Glue flowers onto the headband. I did mine about 1 inch apart because of the size of the flowers. The flowers I used are 2¾ inches wide, and I used six of them. I used where the elastic is joined to find the center front, where I glued the first flower.

Glue a strip of ribbon onto the back to neaten up your hair accessory. You will find that the area where the  flowers are glued will no longer stretch, but this is intentional so that the crown looks nice and the flowers stay put and not separate while you are wearing it.

And there we go...............all done.


  1. So I really love this idea. The headband turned out really nice!