Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bloggers.Com Is Now Defunct!

Last night I was checking through my blog, just examining the widgets and adding a fun poll. It was then I noticed that the image for my "Find Me On Bloggers.Com" widget wasn't showing. So, I refreshed the page since most times that usually works.

Not this time it didn't! The picture still wouldn't show. Then I clicked on the link (widget) and it took me to a page that said 404 Error, yes the same one that you get when the gateway is bad when you are trying to visit a site.

I decided to type in the website in a new browser, and this is what I found....

I had no idea that this was going down! I NEVER received any notification, which in my opinion is very unmannerly on their behalf. If you are shutting down your site, isn't it common courtesy to inform users? The manners that maketh man and site owners are seriously lacking here!

Sites and applications get shut down all the time, but the users are informed in advance. E.g. Google has done away with Google Reader, and they let folks know that this was going to happen a long time ago.

The thing about this too is that back in April, my blog was chosen by the Editor to be featured on the main page for a day, which I blogged about! I was pretty hyped about that since my blog is not a huge one, even though I do have loyal readers.  

The claim for closing down the site is written in red. I guess that they couldn't get enough advertisements to publish to make the moolah go around.  Oh well! It is what it is! 

If you were a member of Bloggers.com and haven't checked your links lately, or have been wondering what was going on, well............the jig is up!

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