Friday, July 19, 2013

Back To MAC For "O". ♥♥

If you are someone who wears the brand MAC, then you probably know about their AIDS fund, but do you know about their recycling program? If not, then let me tell you about it.
I'm sure you've seen that "Back 2 MAC" on the box. MAC recycles, which to me is fantastic. If you follow my blog or my other social media accounts, you would probably see that I am one of those people who gives a damn about the planet that we live on. MAC's program allows you to return your empty containers and in turn you will receive one FREE item for the empties. The item that you get free has to be the same product, but whatever color you want. So, don't throw away your empty MAC containers. You need 6 empties to get 1 free item.

I went in recently and traded my empties 

for an oldie but goodie classic......."O"
This 3D color looks beautiful on any skin tone, and has dark burgundy/purple undertones. You may not notice it in the pictures, but when light catches it at certain angles, you can see it. This color is further enhanced by applying some clear lip gloss over it, plain or with sparkles. It will definitely make you say "O!"

I am not wearing any lip liner or lip gloss. See the 3 dimensions of color?!

Yes hunty! Make sure you have this is your collection. The next time you go shopping at MAC, pick up an "O". It is part of the permanent line, and will always be available.

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