Monday, July 22, 2013

☼☺Skin And Hair Care While Enjoying The Summer Sunshine☺☼

Bikini - Baby Phat.

It's Summer time again! I must say that here in Dallas, the weather has been rather 'cool'. Usually starting from mid-June the weather is well into the 100's and...... no rain. In the Summer time we like to say, 100 days of 100º+ weather! So far, the weather has been barely breaking the 100's, and we have experienced lows in the high seventies. Hahaha! How's that for an oxymoron? It's been rainy too!

Anyway, I have been out to the pool in the compound where I live a couple times, and I would like to share with you some of the things I use to protect my skin, and my hair. I pay more attention to my skin, because it is a living organ, and damage from the sun can be permanent as well as be a precursor to skin cancer.

Sun is great for you, for your needed dose of vitamin D, but over exposure to the sun's rays is not. A long time ago I had thought about the fact that there were no products to protect the hair from the sun's rays. There was just sunblock for skin, and then I went to Sally's and found product no.2.

I use it when I am hat-less in the sun, and when I go swimming in the pool which is more chlorinated than the water that we normally consume for bathing, and shampooing hair. 

Because of the length of my hair (mid-back length), I either braid it up, or put it into a bun (which helps prevent tangling) after I have sprayed the ION Sun Protecting Spray on. This product is not elusive, and costs about $7.49 (+tax); even less if you have a club card. It does work, because when I get out the pool, and the sun, my hair does not feel dry or stripped at all. Some people saturate their hair with a heavy conditioner, but this looks grosse when you get into the water, and there is a circle of film around you and film in the water moving in the direction of others from the conditioner! Ewwww!

This hair spray by ION Purifying Solutions is also designed to protect the hair from the drying effects of salt water. It is 100% vegan, and paraben free.

Products no.1 and 3, are my skin protectors. I use the Cetaphil all year round. I do not use any blocks over 25 on my face, because it is not recommended, as they tend to irritate the skin, especially in the eye area. However, the rest of the body can take the higher concentrations. I prefer to use the sport ones because they tend to be water and sweat proof, which makes them stay put and you need not be bothered with frequent re-applications.

Get someone to help you apply if you can't reach certain areas to properly or evenly apply; like your back for instance.

Fact 1: Sunblocks do not prevent the sun from burning your skin, but they do prevent the damage that comes from the burning.

Fact 2: 60% of the sun's harmful rays can penetrate glass and water.

I also like to use my sunglasses (with UV filter), kellys, and lip balm. You can't go wrong with extra coverage. LOL! Good skin will never be out of style!

Oversized sunglasses by Apple Bottoms.
Kelly sun hats from Dots.

Lypsyl organic lip balm.

Drinking lots of water is another necessity for me. It keeps me and by extension, my skin hydrated. I love water. If I was told that I would have to choose 1 drink to have for the rest of my life....guess what it would be? If you guessed water, then you're right! LOL! 

No! I DO NOT wear makeup to go swimming!

I wrote an article on this topic last year too. If you would like to read it, click here.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Back To MAC For "O". ♥♥

If you are someone who wears the brand MAC, then you probably know about their AIDS fund, but do you know about their recycling program? If not, then let me tell you about it.
I'm sure you've seen that "Back 2 MAC" on the box. MAC recycles, which to me is fantastic. If you follow my blog or my other social media accounts, you would probably see that I am one of those people who gives a damn about the planet that we live on. MAC's program allows you to return your empty containers and in turn you will receive one FREE item for the empties. The item that you get free has to be the same product, but whatever color you want. So, don't throw away your empty MAC containers. You need 6 empties to get 1 free item.

I went in recently and traded my empties 

for an oldie but goodie classic......."O"
This 3D color looks beautiful on any skin tone, and has dark burgundy/purple undertones. You may not notice it in the pictures, but when light catches it at certain angles, you can see it. This color is further enhanced by applying some clear lip gloss over it, plain or with sparkles. It will definitely make you say "O!"

I am not wearing any lip liner or lip gloss. See the 3 dimensions of color?!

Yes hunty! Make sure you have this is your collection. The next time you go shopping at MAC, pick up an "O". It is part of the permanent line, and will always be available.

✿I Ain't Spending $120! I Made My Own Floral Crown Hair Accessory✿

I love hair accessories. In my recent (August 2013) issue of Lucky Magazine, I saw this and fell in love with it, but the price.......I was like "Uh uh! Hayle naw!"

So, I decided to make my own. The following is the tutorial of how easy it was to make, and of course for definitely less than $120!

I got these at Michaels. They were $3.25 per bunch, less 30% off at the register!

After removing the flower from the stem, cut off the back to make the surface flat.

Remove the plastic calyx, and glue the fabric calyx to the petals. This will ensure that the flower does not come undone.

I used an ouchless headband (top), but if you don't have one of these, you can use elastic (bottom). If you are using elastic, measure it around your head snugly, but not tight. You can do the measuring before or after you've added the flowers. After getting the right size, cut and stitch or glue ends together securely.

Glue flowers onto the headband. I did mine about 1 inch apart because of the size of the flowers. The flowers I used are 2¾ inches wide, and I used six of them. I used where the elastic is joined to find the center front, where I glued the first flower.

Glue a strip of ribbon onto the back to neaten up your hair accessory. You will find that the area where the  flowers are glued will no longer stretch, but this is intentional so that the crown looks nice and the flowers stay put and not separate while you are wearing it.

And there we go...............all done.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Retro Glam Hair - EPIC FAILLLLLLLL! LOL!!!

Hey y'all! I tried to do something here, but it didn't work! LOLLLLLLL!!! I thought that I'd post it anyway. I will try again another time until I get it right.

I am trying to hold in a laugh in this picture. My hair was a mess!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Instagram Scores With Moving Picture Embedding!


has come a long way since 2010! I remember when it was just a DSI (digital still image) photo editing app for Iphone users. Now, it has become one of the most beloved virtual social networking sites! If you are a user of this beloved photo-sharing app Instagram, then you already know that video capturing/moving pics is now available. 

As of yesterday (July 10th, 2013), users will now be able to embed their IG videos to practically any website, which is big news for everyone from news outlets to bloggers, vloggers, and aspiring video journalists! 

The embed option is available once you click on the individual video. However, this can only be done (as of now) from your desktop profile. This is what you do.....

1. Log in to your Instagram profile from your desktop.

2. Click on the video/moving picture you wish to embed.

3. When it pops up, click on the sharing icon (circled in red) — and BAM y'all   the code pops up for you to copy and paste.  Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Now it's even more fun to share! Heeheehee! Happy IG-ing! LOL! To connect with me on IG, click the "follow me" widget in the side bar of this blog.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bloggers.Com Is Now Defunct!

Last night I was checking through my blog, just examining the widgets and adding a fun poll. It was then I noticed that the image for my "Find Me On Bloggers.Com" widget wasn't showing. So, I refreshed the page since most times that usually works.

Not this time it didn't! The picture still wouldn't show. Then I clicked on the link (widget) and it took me to a page that said 404 Error, yes the same one that you get when the gateway is bad when you are trying to visit a site.

I decided to type in the website in a new browser, and this is what I found....

I had no idea that this was going down! I NEVER received any notification, which in my opinion is very unmannerly on their behalf. If you are shutting down your site, isn't it common courtesy to inform users? The manners that maketh man and site owners are seriously lacking here!

Sites and applications get shut down all the time, but the users are informed in advance. E.g. Google has done away with Google Reader, and they let folks know that this was going to happen a long time ago.

The thing about this too is that back in April, my blog was chosen by the Editor to be featured on the main page for a day, which I blogged about! I was pretty hyped about that since my blog is not a huge one, even though I do have loyal readers.  

The claim for closing down the site is written in red. I guess that they couldn't get enough advertisements to publish to make the moolah go around.  Oh well! It is what it is! 

If you were a member of and haven't checked your links lately, or have been wondering what was going on, well............the jig is up!

Monday, July 8, 2013

First There Was Just Fab, Now There's Fab Kids!

Got a little fashionista or fashionisto at home? LOL!

Then, check out Fab Kids. If you are not familiar with Just Fab, it is an online membership site run by Kimora Lee Simmons, where you can shop for  women's clothing and accessories. There is also the V.I.P. program where all shoes, clothes, and some accessories are priced at one low price of $39.95. 

You are under no obligation to purchase every month, or even more frequent than that.

They have just introduced Fab Kids, but right now the selection is for girls only. Stuff for boys is coming soon. Interested? Then click on image to check out the site.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wicked Definition By Being Uptight!

They say a picture says a thousand words, and well this picture says all that and more.

 Introducing........wicked curl and wave definition for hair in a bottle!
 I got this from a friend of mine who is a hairstylist. She wasn't using it and sold it to me for a few dollars. After reading the ingredients, I thought that I'd try it out and if my hair didn't like it I wouldn't feel too bad for having spent money on it since I got it for next to nothing.

Well hunty, the results are clear and the verdict is in! I absolutely love this stuff and will highly recommend it to EVERYONE. It says on the bottle that it is heat activated, but I was able to get my hair like that WITHOUT heat. I just sprayed it on and used flexi-rods/bendy rollers.

It leaves no residue, and hair has lots of movement, feels soft, and as in the picture, curls and waves are defined to the GODS!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

My First Collaborative Makeup Video! Yay!!

This is my first collaborative effort, and it was a success. My You Tube friend Akenaj and I decided to treat  you to two wearable looks for the Summer. These looks can be worn throughout the other seasons too. Our techniques are different, but the results are both fabulous.

I hope you like, and if you re-create any of our looks, be sure to come back and let us know. Check out Akenaj's You Tube channel and Blog, and subscribe if you haven't already so that you never miss another one of her uploads.

Thanks for your continued support guys! Love yousssssssssss!♥♥♥

List of products I used to create my look:

MAC #213, #219 (pencil), #217
Sigma Small Angle - E65
Coastal Scents Synthetic Concealer Brush
Petal Beauty Large Angled Contour Brush

Maybelline Color Tattoo - Tough As Taupe
Wet 'N' Wild Gel Liner (Fergie Collection) - Little Black Dress
MAC Eyeshadows - Antiqued, Nylon, Woodwinked, Trax
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow (depotted) - Dark Brown
Smashbox Mascara Primer
Mascara - Big Fatty (black) by Urban Decay
MAC Powerchrome Pencil - Rich Glance (Temperature Rising Collection)

MAC Bronzing Powder - Refined Golden

MAC Lipstick - Sheer Seduction (Temperature Rising Collection)
MAC Lipglass - Underdressed (Temperature Rising Collection)


Thursday, July 4, 2013

♥My Spring Favorites♥

Happy 4th everyone! Today, I'm bringing to you some of my favorite things for this past Spring. Because of the way I consume things, I have chosen to do my show and tells at the end of each season since I don't think it makes sense to do these monthly for the simple reason that if something is my favorite, then I tend to use it all the time, day after day, week after week, month after month. 

The difference here now is that with each season, I will have different favorites. As the seasons change, you already know that certain things you have no need for, or simply don't work as well.

Like my makeup look? Click here to watch the tutorial.

For The Love Of Orange - It Never Fails!

Happy 4th everyone!!! Always remember, if you don't have the exact products, then just use whatever you have in your collection that is similar to create the look.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

☼ Vlog - Enjoying The Summer Sun ☼

I have always enjoyed being outdoors, especially when the weather permits it. I feel that it is important and imperative to get regular exercise. If you think that exercising is a bother, then how about your body shutting down and being unable to function properly because you are sedentary? No bueno!! Plus we all need the sun's ultraviolet B rays for our bodies to manufacture vitamin D.

White Rock Lake is a place I love to come to. It has a nice bike and nature trail, dog park, as well as the Dallas Arboretum, that has some of the most beautiful plants. 

A view of  the skyline in downtown Dallas from the White Rock Lake.
When we had our bike rack for the car, we would drive over here and ride around the 9.33 mile trail. The rack we had we got from Walmart. It was no good (no surprise, so we returned it. Bike racks can be pretty expensive though, especially if you are not an avid cyclist; you would find it ridiculous to spend hundreds of dollars on a rack for bicycles. LOL!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the day with us as much as we did. If you live in the Dallas area, and have never been here, you should definitely visit. It is a great place for individual and family fun.