Saturday, June 22, 2013

This Is How I Do It....Shampoo Days...

Hey Y'all. I'm back again with more on my hair. This is my shampoo ritual for my hair for the next three shampoos/co-washes after my relaxer day.

Having long hair is nice, but it can be bothersome! LOL! However, when you consider that your hair thrives only because you put in the effort, then it makes things bearable and worth it.

Whenever I leave my hair out, I get compliments on it, and actually people don't ask me "is that your real hair?" I did get that once when my hair was natural, and I asked the chick why she asked. She told me it was because of the hair color, and that she had never seen a bleach blonde look perfect. Kudos to my colorist at the time. "Hey Fabian", if you ever come across this post!

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