Thursday, May 16, 2013

Take A Seat RiRi Woo!

Who needs RiRi Woo, when there's Lady Danger? I was aware that MAC was collaborating with Rhianna to do a collection, but I was of the understanding that it would be just more than a lipstick. Anyway, I am NOT a Rhianna fan, so I was not at all interested in purchasing this lip color, nor anything that she promotes. Needless to say it sold out very shortly after it hit stores and online, and MAC promises to re-launch it in June.

Those of you who are MAC users, and have the color Ruby Woo, will find that there is no difference really between the two. The only difference is that Ruby Woo is a permanent color and that the RiRi Woo lipstick bullet has her signature etched in it! LOL!

Lips made fabulously dangerous with Lady Danger.
I purchased Lady Danger a couple of weeks ago and I did so because I preferred it over the Ruby Woo. It is an awesomely beautiful orange red, whereas the Ruby Woo is a blue-based red. These lipsticks mentioned are all in the matte family, which means that the colors reflect no light and have no sheen. Matte colors are the best to use for photography, because the true color is never masked by shimmer. Matte lipsticks also provide full coverage. 

Lady Danger - full coverage matte lipstick.
If you like reds, and have a yellow and beige undertone, then this lone star, show stopping Lady Danger is what you want to get! Wear this alone with an otherwise neutral face for a classy, elegant look. Lady Danger is one of MAC's permanent colors, and you can purchase it here if you dare!  


  1. Aha!!! now I have never bought MAC to be honest, but ive heard ppl say how they recycle and rename colours all the time...not surprised least ppl are seeing they are the same...

    1. That is true to some extent. You probably heard that from me! LOL! I used to work at MAC, and have been using their products since about 2005. Sometimes they do that for limited collection items. How many colors can they make after all? LOL! E.g. Some of the colors from the new collection Temperature Rising and even the packaging is very closely similar to the Summer collection from 2005. I can't remember the name. I bought some because I loved those colors and was glad to see that something similar is back. They always have Refined Golden bronzing powder every Summer in a collection, even though it is a permanent item. I re-purchased it last year with the Hey Sailor collection, and I haven't used it yet, since the one I had before was still in use. I don't buy everything that MAC launches though. Makes no sense to do that, especially if you have similar things already.