Friday, May 31, 2013

Tips And Techniques For Transitioning Hair And Successful Relaxer Treatment Stretching.

Since I get lots of questions about this, I decided to share my own tips on how I manage my hair. My hair is what the online hair world would refer to as 'texlaxed'. If you look through books of Cosmetology you will not find this word, because it is not real cosmetology terminology. Coined on the internet, it simply means having the best of both the texturized and relaxed hair worlds. Texlaxing is where the hair is under-processed using a relaxer chemical whether it be lye or no-lye.

I hope that these techniques will help you if you are transitioning from relaxed to texlaxed hair, relaxed to natural hair, or if you wish to be better able to manage your own natural texture.

3Dimensional Ombre Lips! No Kissing Though! LOL!

I was inspired to recreate this look done by Maybelline MUAs for an editorial promotion since I had two out of the three Maybelline products used. 

Yes, I have worn this out. It looks very flattering when applied correctly. Just don't smash your lips together! LOL!

Products used:
MAC Lipstick - Morange
Maybelline Lipstick (Vivids) - Brazen Berry
Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal - Gold Rush
Petal Beauty Lip Brush

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Won The Whole C.O.N. Argan Oil Hair Product Line. YAY ME!

I was pretty darned stoked to find out that I had won, and not just won, but I was the grand prize winner!

This is the list of full sized products that I received:
Oil Moisturizer
Intensive Conditioning Treatment
Replenishing Sheen Spray
Foaming Wrap Lotion
Perfect 7: Seven-In-One Leave-In Treatment
Sulfate Free Moisture & Shine Shampoo
100% Pure Argan Oil
Strength & Shine Leave-In Conditioner
Gloss And Shine Mist
Perfect Edges
Oil Treatment
No-Lye Relaxer Kit (Regular Strength)
Exotic Shine Color (Soft Black)

Sample size of the Perfect Edges (with discount voucher)
Sample size of the Oil Treatment (with discount voucher)
Pamphlet listing products from other C.O.N lines
Reusable tote bag
Reusable storage bags
Congratulatory letter

Since recording the video, I have used all of the products with the exception of the hair color, the oil moisturizer. I did use some of the Intensive Conditioning Treatment, not on my hair, but on my red curly wig. I haven't used the products long enough to give a review right now, so to find out what I think, you will just have to stay tuned and look out for the post and/or video.

I have never used C.O.N. products before, but I have heard good things about the sulfate-free shampoo and the foam and wrap lotion from this line prior to use. There are 2 products of the lot that I will not use simply because they contain mineral oil, and I do not use products that contain that ingredient on my hair. Those two products are the Intensive Conditioning Treatment, and the Oil Moisturizer.

This line is being marketed for both chemically treated and natural hair wearers. They are available usually where hair care products are sold and are reasonably priced. I like trying different products at times although I do have my staples. It is good to switch it up at times, so that your hair doesn't get too complacent being accustomed to the same products all the time- LOL!

One thing that I have noticed is that all of the products have the same scent which has a vanilla base. The scent reminds me of vanilla ice cream or cookies. I like it a lot. It is not a loud and I-can-smell-your-hair from-a block-away-scent though! LOL!

I want to say thank you to Creme Of Nature for sponsoring this giveaway and to TwinGodesses for hosting it. I am sure I will enjoy using these. Needless to say, I shouldn't have to buy any hair products for a while! LOL!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

✿Petal Beauty Brushes Review - Take 2!✿

I was very happy to accept to do this review when I was contacted by Petal Beauty. They had sent me brushes once before to review, and I was very impressed with the quality, workmanship, and of course the price.

This time, I received these..
Top - Bottom: Eyeliner Brush. Flat Definer. Angled Contour Brush. Large Flat Powder Brush.

Click on these links to go directly to the individual brushes if you are interested in purchasing after seeing how they work. Don't forget to use discount code AFF10OFF, to get 10% off your entire order. Hurry though, because this code is only valid until May 31st.

1. Eyeliner Brush.                              3. Angled Contour Brush

2. Flat Definer.                                    4. Large Flat Powder Brush

I definitely recommend this brand because they have proven to be of superior quality, work wonderfully, and will suit any budget.

Click here to see my first review.

The Perfect Short Curly Wig..

After watching a video on You Tube from beauty gurus Alicia and Elise Griffin of TwinGodesses, I absolutely had to get this cute little unit! Alicia wore it in the video and I fell in love with it immediately.

I got his unit from Hair Stop And Shop, but you will probably be able to find it in your local beauty supply store. Shipping was fast and customer service was great.  This is a great choice for  transitioning hair, if you are stretching relaxer treatments, or if you are just wanting a fuller look for your naturally curly hair. 


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Take A Seat RiRi Woo!

Who needs RiRi Woo, when there's Lady Danger? I was aware that MAC was collaborating with Rhianna to do a collection, but I was of the understanding that it would be just more than a lipstick. Anyway, I am NOT a Rhianna fan, so I was not at all interested in purchasing this lip color, nor anything that she promotes. Needless to say it sold out very shortly after it hit stores and online, and MAC promises to re-launch it in June.

Those of you who are MAC users, and have the color Ruby Woo, will find that there is no difference really between the two. The only difference is that Ruby Woo is a permanent color and that the RiRi Woo lipstick bullet has her signature etched in it! LOL!

Lips made fabulously dangerous with Lady Danger.
I purchased Lady Danger a couple of weeks ago and I did so because I preferred it over the Ruby Woo. It is an awesomely beautiful orange red, whereas the Ruby Woo is a blue-based red. These lipsticks mentioned are all in the matte family, which means that the colors reflect no light and have no sheen. Matte colors are the best to use for photography, because the true color is never masked by shimmer. Matte lipsticks also provide full coverage. 

Lady Danger - full coverage matte lipstick.
If you like reds, and have a yellow and beige undertone, then this lone star, show stopping Lady Danger is what you want to get! Wear this alone with an otherwise neutral face for a classy, elegant look. Lady Danger is one of MAC's permanent colors, and you can purchase it here if you dare!  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blog URL Change - I've Been Hacked!

Hello Everyone,

Just before Thanksgiving last year, my personal Facebook account and this blog had been hacked. As a result of this I was unable to add content from my blog to Facebook - I couldn't post links to my blog articles on Facebook, and neither could anyone who wanted to share my articles on there.

I had reported the matter to Facebook many, many, many times, but they never did anything to help me. From Blogger, I did get a few responses, but nothing they suggested worked. The situation was stressful, but I really didn't let it get to me. I just kept on publishing.

Recently, I got the idea to change my blog's url to see if that would rectify the issue, and it did; but, when something gets fixed, another gets broken. 

Since my blog has been moved to a new url, those of you who do follow it may find that it is now missing, and any articles that I have posted in the past, or will post now you will not be able to see them. The widget "search this blog" is not functioning, but all the other widgets are. The "search this blog" widget allows readers to quickly find an article by entering keywords. I will keep working on it to see if I can figure out how to get it functioning correctly again.

Additionally, those of you who know me from the hair sites Hairlista and K.I.S.S. I also need to let you know that I am also having problems directly posting my videos on there. To get my videos posted, I have to write a blog article and embed the videos from You Tube. All these things started happening at the same time last year. I am not sure if they are related. I did contact both site owners but was ignored.

It has been a disgusting ride, and I felt helpless and even worse when I reached out and was ignored and/or danced around in a circle, only to end up just where I began.

It really is the pits having put all this effort and time into writing articles, and someone who I don't know can sit down and write a program to have all of my hard work screwed up or even erased! Ughhhhhh!!!

I sent messages to everyone in my Followers list using the blog's messaging system, but I don't think the messages get delivered using this method. I am saying so because I have tried using this as a method of contact before, and the person to whom I sent the message informed me that she never got it. It is a good thing that I had other ways to contact her. As well as, I have gotten no responses from any of the people I sent messages to.

Anyway, the url of my blog is now  Even though things look the same to me on the site, clearly they aren't.

I will be working on this to fix it as best as I can. I would greatly appreciate it if you would subscribe to the new url, and re-join the site so that we can be connected again.

Thanks so much for listening, and for you support. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Get It Before It's Gone!

Sigma's Bare Palette is going away. If you like neutrals, you should probably get it before it becomes a non-existent commodity, or can only find it on some site where the price is higher than the clouds, and then you aren't sure if it's authentic!!!

This is a great idea for a Mother's Day gift!

Click on image to shop, and remember to use code RSR2013 at check out to get 10% off your entire order.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

OCC + DWV (Detox, Willam and Vicky Vox) Lip Tar + Nail Lacquer Duos....

Celebrity drag queen trio DWV (Detox, Willam, Vicky Vox) have become the first faces of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics! These drag queens are amongst Hollywood's most famous and can be seen on television (RuPaul's Drag Race, Nip/Tuck), music videos with Rihanna), films (American Wedding), and now on to the packages of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!

You can find this dynamic trio wearing their favorite matching Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars and Nail Lacquers in a collection exclusive to Sephora, available May 7th. Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer Duos will each come with a mini #010S Precision Lip Brush and an inserted trading card featuring Willam, Detox and Vicky Vox wearing their respective shades.
This makeup-loving trio is a natural choice to sport Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics long-lasting Lip Tar, which goes on slick and moist but dries down to a satin finish, and densely pigmented Nail Lacquer.

OCC + DWV Lip Tar & Nail Lacquer Duos
 will be offered in Anime, Black Dahlia, Kava Kava, 
NSFW, Strumpet and Grandma at a special price of $22.50 each, exclusively on

I already have Anime and I love it. Grandma is also another popular color. I also have one of the nail polishes that kind of looks like Black Dahlia, but it has been discontinued. 

I am definitely going to be checking out this collection. OCC products are 100% Vegan, and NEVER tested on animals.