Thursday, April 18, 2013

✿Petal Beauty Discount Coupon - Expires May 31st!✿

As usual, I like to share with you all whenever I find out about a deal where you can get your favorite quality items for da low! Here's the deal, - this is exclusive to my readers and viewers -  from now until May 31st you will get 10% OFF your entire purchase when you use this code to shop at Petal Beauty - AFF10OFF.

Last year I did a review for these brushes. I was very impressed with the quality for the prices that they charge. I have since purchased some more to add to my collection. My personal favorite is the Tapered Precision Face Brush

I use it to apply concealer, and it does so so smoothly, without streaking, and never with a heavy, cakey look! I love it.

To see my review on all the brushes I received from Petal Beauty, click here.

Also, what's even better is...........whenever you spend $15 or more, you get a complimentary item, and shipping is FREE over $10 (USA only)! Sweet ain't it!? Yessssss! I concur! LOL!

Go ahead, maybe you have been wanting to try these brushes. Now is a good time to get them. Who doesn't love a discount and free stuff?! I know I do! LOL! Happy shopping. International orders are welcome.

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