Tuesday, March 5, 2013

☺The 52-Week Financial Challenge☺

I found out about this only this year. Many of us are always looking for ways to save money one way or the other. We will opt to buy the cheaper brand, purchase things on sale, use coupons and discount codes, etc.

I am always trying to help others save money on fashionable items, that's why I always post discount codes, or share links for coupons and so on. This time I will be sharing how you can put aside $1,378 by the end of this year.

If you haven't heard about this before, well here it is. With this money saving challenge, you put aside the same amount of money as the week's number so...

Week 1..................save $1
Week 2..................save $2
Week 3..................save $3
Week 4..................save $4
Week 52................save $52

At the end of the year, you would have put aside $1,378. Now, it doesn't seem like much after a year, but it sure will come in handy! I am participating in this challenge, and so far I have accumulated $70. I have been putting aside more than I need to each week, so that when it starts to get tougher and the weeks go on, if I fall short with coming up with the money to put aside, I won't fall short overall!

This is week 10 of the challenge. If you wish to join at week 10 and you have the accumulated amount of $55, you can start there, or if not, just start with what you have and see how much you can save at the end of 2013. Sorry this post is so late, but hey..........better late than never! :)

You can choose to save your money anyplace where it won't be interfered with. If you choose to open a bank account specifically for the challenge, make sure the bank doesn't apply any charges that would reduce the amount you are trying to save on a weekly basis.

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