Tuesday, March 5, 2013

☺I Made A Fierce, Red Wig!☺

I purchased this hair from Les Plus Trading Firm on Ali Express back in January. It is Brazilian Virgin Deep Wavy. I bought 2 bundles - 14 inches and 16 inches, and I paid less than $100 for them both. The shipping was FREE, and I got it delivered in 3 days. 

Well, the hair is no longer virgin since I dyed it! LOL! I am rather pleased with the result.

This is the first look when I got the hair..

The customer service was great and so did the product turn out to be in the end. 

For those who have never shopped on Ali Express and are considering it:
I suggest that you always check their ratings and reviews first! Send the vendors messages to see how quickly they communicate with you, and use standard English. The vendors are in China, and of course English in NOT their first language, so the non-use of slang and idioms will surely make the communication process smooth. Also, there are many, many vendors on there selling the same or similar items - check around and compare prices, ratings and reviews before you buy. 

Scroll down the page of the item that you are interested in to get more specifications (description, size, material, weight,etc) on it.

I have purchased many things (clothing, shoes, jewelry) from Ali Express in the past, and I really haven't had a problem, so if asked, I will recommend purchasing from there. You should also know that the vendors do not get your money until you have confirmed that you have received your item, and if it is not to your satisfaction, you can open what is called a 'dispute' to have the situation resolved, like Ebay does. I cannot give an insight as to how that turns out because thankfully, I have not had to use that service. It is good to know that there is a safety net in place though.

If you are interested in purchasing this hair, or any other from the Les Plus Trading Firm, then visit them here.

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