Tuesday, January 1, 2013

✿☛Holiday Or Anytime Nail Art - Tutorial And Product Review☚✿

Happy New Year!!!

In my Influenster Holiday 2012 VoxBox, I got this pack of nail stickers from Kiss.

This is the second time I have received this brand to try out from Influenster. The last item I got was the Ever Pro lash kit which contained 1 pair of lashes, 1 applicator and 1 small bottle of adhesive. Click here to see what I did with those.

These designs are pretty, and if you are someone who is challenged by traditional nail art, you may want to try these.

Now I must say that, the application process is not as easy as it looks in the video. It does take patience, especially if you are not ambidextrous! LOL!

Pros about this item:
1. Nail design is instant. No waiting for polish to dry, since you don't need any.

2. The price range being $5.59 - $6.99 makes this product affordable.

3. The Kiss brand and all of its products are easy to find. I have seen them in the beauty aisles of pharmacies, supermarkets, mass merchandisers like Walmart and Target, and at my local beauty supply stores.

4. You can create any style for your nails from one packet of the stickers. Your limit is your imagination.

5. Easy to remove. Peels right off!

1. These will prove to be difficult or challenging rather, if you are not someone who is ambidextrous.  You may need someone to help you.

2. If your nail beds are broader, then these may not fit well (flush).

3. The adhesive when the packet is opened has a strong smell, so if you are sensitive to strong odors, you will want to use these in a well ventilated area.

4. Stickers adhere to nails so quickly that you may end up with ridges/grooves at the sides even though you have applied evenly and smoothed them out as shown in the video.

5. If you have active hands and feet, expect lifting and chipping after a few days.

6. The edges after filing can be sharp. This was my experience with this particular design, and threads and hair can get caught or pulled by the diamantes.

Want to see everything I got in my Holiday 2012 VoxBox? Then click right here.

Happy new year!

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