Friday, January 18, 2013

Goody Quikstyle Half Round Microfiber Bristle Brush - Product Review And Demo.

I have been using Goody products for years. Every time I turn around they come out with something new! LOL! I trust their products, because they have been around for so long, and their stuff usually has great integrity.

I got this in my Influenster Holiday 2012 Vox Box. This is their QuickStyle Half-Round Styler Brush. I had never seen a brush like this before anywhere! If you look at the picture carefully you will notice that there is microfiber in between the bristles - that's the blue in between the bristles.

Goody's innovation here claims that using this brush to detangle or blow dry your hair will reduce your styling time by 30%, since it acts as a brush and towel in one. This brush can be used on all hair types regardless of it hair is straight or curly. Don't worry about frizzies, microfiber towels are known to keep those at bay. I use a microfiber towel to dry my hair and I get no frizziness.

The shape of this brush allows for building volume to the hair if you are using it to blowdry, since it allows the hair to curl around the brush while it drys it, creating a 'bumped' look for the hair - which ultimately leads to it looking fuller and bouncier. Check out the video demo to see how it worked for my hair.

It also does a good enough job at detangling even though it is a kind of big brush for that purpose, since hair is detangled in small sections. Clean up is easy too. This brush can be washed; the directions recommend warm water and a little shampoo. 

The microfiber has anti-microbial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria, and keep the brush fresh. The average price of this brush is $11.99.

If you like what this brush did for my hair, then click here to vote. I have entered the video in the Goody QuikStyle Contest on Facebook. Thank you for your support!

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  1. Marie, thanks for sharing. I am in need of a good brush and this post really have helped. xoxox

    1. Xoxo....Hi Berty, you're welcome. I really like this brush because my hair is fine, and it gave it sooooo much volume. Also, that blow dry lotion is pretty good too!