Sunday, January 27, 2013

☺☼Electric Run - Dallas 2013! Awesome, Awesome Event!☼☺

My husband and I participated in this event and it was awesome! Electric Run™ is a 5k charity run that benefited Leukemia Texas, which is dedicated to funding leukemia research and patient aid. All funds raised were donated to be used exclusively in support of Texas residents, and research. Through the Patient Aid program, individuals receive financial assistance for treatment expenses not covered by insurance.  Electric Run™ events are nationwide. Click here to see when it will be in a city near you. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

The race is a fun run and show of lights which change color to groove with the music. It was held at Fair Park, Dallas on January 19th, 2013. The race began at 7pm with participants numbering over 6,000 strong! Of course everyone didn't sprint off at the same time, rather they coordinated it so that waves or groups of people would move off every 5 mins. I lost my husband in the crowd at the start line, because of course I was stopping to take pictures and capture video footage of the awesome event! LOL! I couldn't have participated in all this fabulousness and not have a picture to show for it?! Are you kidding! Hayle naw!!

Left:First wave of runners getting ready to move out.  Top Right: Participants and spectators gather in park. Bottom Right: Light image on wall from a projector.

Scenes throughout the course.

I ended up in the third wave of runners, and I didn't see him, so I thought well, if either of us got to the finish line first, either one will just wait. No harm, no foul. It was kind of cold out so I made sure to layer myself properly since I was already a bit under-the-weather! Everyone who participated  adorned themselves with some kind of costume or neon, glittering, or lighted paraphernalia. Some people even brought their dogs, that they dressed up! So cute! I was in awe as I was jogging around looking at all these lights glowing in the dark! The lighted trees, lights dancing to music, dancing lighted wall patterns, glowing arches and columns, the lit ponds! Simply fabulous!

These were in the goodie bags, and had to be collected before the race. Not the nail polish though! I got that glow in the dark color last Halloween, but it came in perfect for this event! Leave it to me to have glow-in-the-dark nail polish! LOL! Also, after Halloween I got several canisters of those neon bracelets (in the pic). I got them from my local Michael's, since I knew I would be participating in this event. They were $0.15 each! Red Bull was in the bag too. I don't mess with that though! The tee-shirt was designed by Shaun Neff.

I believe I completed the race in about 45mins, and that was because I did slow down a few times to snap a pic or two (well I got to the finish line, and then after about 15mins or so, then I saw my husband jogging up. I ran back to meet him and we crossed together.

By 8:30pm I think everyone had completed the race, and then.............there was the after party that went on until about 10:30pm.  If you follow me on Instagram you would probably already seen some of these pics. Instagram blew out.....hahahahaha! I suppose it just couldn't handle the race to snap and post by everyone at the same time!

Under the black lights.

This was my first time participating in a 5k. I have always shied away from entering any because they all look so boring. To the person(s) who thought about doing a 5k like this - one word - GENIUS!!!

Under the black lights. I have on my GITD nail polish, can you see it?

This event was superb many times over, not to mention that it raises money for charity! I encourage you to find out if it is in a city near you, and to participate! This is a great idea for a family fun! You will absolutely love it! For sure we did! Enjoy the video and the rest of the pics y'all. I can't wait for Electric Run™ to return next year!

Super pumped before the race.

Super pumped still, after the 5k run!

Under the black lights.


  1. I sure missed a great event so you better put us down for next year. Lol. You and your husband look super cute.

    1. Yes bella, you sure did! But you were the one who backed out! LOL! I am definitely in next year, once they come back to Dallas, which I think they will, because the response was great! Thanks, I'll tell him you said that! Hahahahaha!