Thursday, January 31, 2013

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Two of my purchases. Love them.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

☺☼Electric Run - Dallas 2013! Awesome, Awesome Event!☼☺

My husband and I participated in this event and it was awesome! Electric Run™ is a 5k charity run that benefited Leukemia Texas, which is dedicated to funding leukemia research and patient aid. All funds raised were donated to be used exclusively in support of Texas residents, and research. Through the Patient Aid program, individuals receive financial assistance for treatment expenses not covered by insurance.  Electric Run™ events are nationwide. Click here to see when it will be in a city near you. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

The race is a fun run and show of lights which change color to groove with the music. It was held at Fair Park, Dallas on January 19th, 2013. The race began at 7pm with participants numbering over 6,000 strong! Of course everyone didn't sprint off at the same time, rather they coordinated it so that waves or groups of people would move off every 5 mins. I lost my husband in the crowd at the start line, because of course I was stopping to take pictures and capture video footage of the awesome event! LOL! I couldn't have participated in all this fabulousness and not have a picture to show for it?! Are you kidding! Hayle naw!!

Left:First wave of runners getting ready to move out.  Top Right: Participants and spectators gather in park. Bottom Right: Light image on wall from a projector.

Scenes throughout the course.

I ended up in the third wave of runners, and I didn't see him, so I thought well, if either of us got to the finish line first, either one will just wait. No harm, no foul. It was kind of cold out so I made sure to layer myself properly since I was already a bit under-the-weather! Everyone who participated  adorned themselves with some kind of costume or neon, glittering, or lighted paraphernalia. Some people even brought their dogs, that they dressed up! So cute! I was in awe as I was jogging around looking at all these lights glowing in the dark! The lighted trees, lights dancing to music, dancing lighted wall patterns, glowing arches and columns, the lit ponds! Simply fabulous!

These were in the goodie bags, and had to be collected before the race. Not the nail polish though! I got that glow in the dark color last Halloween, but it came in perfect for this event! Leave it to me to have glow-in-the-dark nail polish! LOL! Also, after Halloween I got several canisters of those neon bracelets (in the pic). I got them from my local Michael's, since I knew I would be participating in this event. They were $0.15 each! Red Bull was in the bag too. I don't mess with that though! The tee-shirt was designed by Shaun Neff.

I believe I completed the race in about 45mins, and that was because I did slow down a few times to snap a pic or two (well I got to the finish line, and then after about 15mins or so, then I saw my husband jogging up. I ran back to meet him and we crossed together.

By 8:30pm I think everyone had completed the race, and then.............there was the after party that went on until about 10:30pm.  If you follow me on Instagram you would probably already seen some of these pics. Instagram blew out.....hahahahaha! I suppose it just couldn't handle the race to snap and post by everyone at the same time!

Under the black lights.

This was my first time participating in a 5k. I have always shied away from entering any because they all look so boring. To the person(s) who thought about doing a 5k like this - one word - GENIUS!!!

Under the black lights. I have on my GITD nail polish, can you see it?

This event was superb many times over, not to mention that it raises money for charity! I encourage you to find out if it is in a city near you, and to participate! This is a great idea for a family fun! You will absolutely love it! For sure we did! Enjoy the video and the rest of the pics y'all. I can't wait for Electric Run™ to return next year!

Super pumped before the race.

Super pumped still, after the 5k run!

Under the black lights.

Brows On Deck! Sculpt, Shape And Lay Them Eyebrows!

It is without question, hesitation, or demonstration that eyebrows add character to the face, especially extremely well-groomed ones! 

In this full tutorial, I demonstrate my technique for sculpting my brows. I hope you enjoy, and this helps you to be able to get your brows laying! LOL! Cheers!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

♥Sigma Beauty Launches New Single Eye Shadows And Brow Products♥

If you are regular buyer of Sigma products,

then you probably already know that they 

have been working to provide certain 

products individually, in particular, eye 

shadows and brow essentials. These will be 

the first items available in individual 

packaging. Below are some of the products 

that can now be purchased individually. At the 

moment, there is only a small collection of 

shadow colors, but more will be coming soon!

Products were launched on January 21st. Click 

on the images below to begin shopping now.

Individual Eye Shadows

What: 30 individual shades from the Bare, Dare, Flare and Paris Palettes.

Cost: $11 each.

Collection Status: Permanent and will continue to expand!

Individual Brow Products

What: From the Brow Expert Design Kit: The Brow Pencil, Highlighting Pencil, and Brow Gel. Plus ALL NEW Brow powder duos in Light, Auburn, Medium and Dark.

Cost: Brow Pencil - $12, Highlighting Pencil - $12, Brow Gel - $12, Brow Powder Shades - $14.

Collection Status: Permanent.

For the month of January you can also get 10% your entire purchase. Use this code at check out - JAN2013. 

Purchasing $30 or more gets you a FREE gift!

Happy shopping y'all!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Goody Quikstyle Half Round Microfiber Bristle Brush - Product Review And Demo.

I have been using Goody products for years. Every time I turn around they come out with something new! LOL! I trust their products, because they have been around for so long, and their stuff usually has great integrity.

I got this in my Influenster Holiday 2012 Vox Box. This is their QuickStyle Half-Round Styler Brush. I had never seen a brush like this before anywhere! If you look at the picture carefully you will notice that there is microfiber in between the bristles - that's the blue in between the bristles.

Goody's innovation here claims that using this brush to detangle or blow dry your hair will reduce your styling time by 30%, since it acts as a brush and towel in one. This brush can be used on all hair types regardless of it hair is straight or curly. Don't worry about frizzies, microfiber towels are known to keep those at bay. I use a microfiber towel to dry my hair and I get no frizziness.

The shape of this brush allows for building volume to the hair if you are using it to blowdry, since it allows the hair to curl around the brush while it drys it, creating a 'bumped' look for the hair - which ultimately leads to it looking fuller and bouncier. Check out the video demo to see how it worked for my hair.

It also does a good enough job at detangling even though it is a kind of big brush for that purpose, since hair is detangled in small sections. Clean up is easy too. This brush can be washed; the directions recommend warm water and a little shampoo. 

The microfiber has anti-microbial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria, and keep the brush fresh. The average price of this brush is $11.99.

If you like what this brush did for my hair, then click here to vote. I have entered the video in the Goody QuikStyle Contest on Facebook. Thank you for your support!

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

✿✿☛Montagne Jeunesse - You've Got Mud On Your Face, But You're No Disgrace!☚✿✿

Clean-Up mud by Montagne Jeunesse came in my Influenster Holiday 2012 VoxBox. This is a face mask, and I have seen it before at Ulta, and in the beauty aisles of the pharmacies and supermarkets that I frequent however, I have never tried it. Skin care to me is part of personal hygiene, and since my skin is my body's largest organ, I ensure that I take care of it!

On the packet it says: " Our special mud blend of Aloe Vera, Willow, Rosemary, and Witch Hazel naturally target your problem areas for a clean complexion."

These are the ingredients:
Aqua (Purified water), Kaolin (Natural clay), Hamamelis virginiana (Distilled Witch Hazel), Glycerin (Plant origin), Illite (Mediterranean clay), Bentonite (Natural Clay), Magnesium aluminium silicate (Natural clay), Sea salt (Dead Sea salt), Salix nigra (Willow) bark extract, Glucose (Sugar) Rosmarinus officianalis (Rosemary) leaf oil, Xanthan gum (Natural thickener), Allantoin, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera) leaf juice, Camellia sinensis (Green tea) leaf extract, Panax ginseng root extract, Oenothera biennis (Evening primrose) flower extract, Citric acid, Lactoperoxidase (Milk origin) Glucose oxidase (Sugar origin), *Limonene -(*naturally found in essential oils.)

My skin type is normal/dry and I have very small pores. This deep cleansing mud is specifically for blemish prone skin, which I do not have, but hey, prevention is better than a cure I say. I use my regular mask once every two or four weeks. 

If you don't really have much skin issues, I do not recommend that you use a mask and a scrub on the same day in your skin care regimen - it is a bit too much trauma for the face. Masks are designed to deep clean by opening the pores, and drawing out the impurities that can lead to break outs.

In the video, I did a short demo on how I used it and described how my skin looked and felt after.

My skin loved the mud (LOL), and I find it to be on par with the face mask that I currently use. I have already bought other blends to try. The packet holds 20g/0.7oz, and the price range for this item is $1.37-$1.99.

I suggest that you give this product a try, I am sure your skin will love it, and for the price, you definitely cannot go wrong!!! Don't be fooled, not everything that has a high price tag is always the best of the bunch.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

✿Magic Queen Hair Accessories Giveaway✿

Hey y'all, I am hosting this giveaway that is being sponsored by Magic Queen/Hairextensiondeal.

One lucky winner will be chosen to receive a feathered hair accessory of his/her choice.

If you are interested in this giveaway, please read and follow all the rules listed below. They are simple to follow. No hoop jumping! LOL!


1. MUST be a subscriber of my YouTube channel.

2. Click here to 'Like' MagicQueen/HairExtensionDeal on Facebook:  

3. Follow MagicQueen/HairExtensionDeal on Twitter: Click here
Make sure to include your YouTube user name. Comment/tweet saying... "I entered FlawlessAndFancy's feather extension giveaway" and your YT user name. This is for verification purposes.

4.You may enter as many times as you wish from now until the giveaway closes. You are limited to 3 comments daily.

5.Giveaway ends FBRUARY 14TH (Vlentine's Day), at 11:59CST.

6. If you are under the age of 18, please ensure that you have your parent's permission.

7. Open Internationally.

The winner will be chosen by the sponsor. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Interested in purchasing the purple clip-in hair piece shown in this video? Want to see the other colors? Then, please click here.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Two-Strand Twist Attempt

I am not great at doing these types of low manipulation hair styles, however practice makes perfect. I don't think that I twist my hair tight enough to get the super definition that I have seen other people achieve, so I have to work on that.

These are the products I used.

This the way my hair came out after using these products for this hairstyle. 

Not bad for an amateur though. LOL!

Friday, January 4, 2013

EBOOST! Huh? What's That? What Does It Do?

I received this in both my Influenster Naturals and Beauty Bloggers VoxBoxes. The flavor I received both times was the orange flavor! I hated it! It was TERRIBLE! OMG!! I couldn't finish it and had to throw it out! It did not do what it claimed - to boost energy and the immune system. Well obviously not, since I couldn't drink it in the first place!

I went ahead and tried this one, but already having an opinion based on the one I had before, I was extremely skeptical. The açaí pomegranate flavor was actually not bad at all (thank God), and I drank the whole thing!! LOL!! 

It does not taste like your regular juicy or sports drink. It does have a definite taste that says, "I am not juice"! LOL! I believe though that if you have been running for miles, and you got this to drink, you would be very grateful - the taste wouldn't matter. It did not leave a bitter and oily taste on my tongue like the orange flavored one. In my opinion they should either discontinue that flavor or improve on it! PLEASE!!

It is an effervescent powder, and I added the contents of the packet to 8fl oz of water, even though it says to add it to 12fl oz of water. Then, I put it into the refrigerator overnight because it wouldn't have behooved me to consume an energy booster just before bed time! I just took a sip, to get a taste for it. The next day the froth at the top was gone, but the taste was the same. I drank it before I went to the gym. 

I cannot say that it gave me any extra energy than I usually have. Also, it is impossible to quantify if my immune system was boosted because I have not been using these over a period of time.

I am not a person who uses energy drinks. I like to drink my plain water when I work out - that is just a personal preference. For this reason I would not purchase this product. If you are someone who prefers energy drinks, you can check these out. They come in single serve packets as well as shots, and these are the average prices:

$28 for a box of 20 effervescent powders = $1.40/pkt
$39 for a box of 30 effervescent powders = $1.30/pkt
$39 for a box of 12 shots = $3.25 each

On the back of the packet it says that it is a premium formula of vitamins, minerals and super nutrients that deliver energy to boost your workout and your life. It contains no sugar, or artificial flavors and only has 10 calories. It is also gluten and soy free.

You can visit the EBOOST website here to see the other flavors, as well as if you are interested in purchasing. They also stock vitamins. This product is endorsed by celebrity fitness trainer/coach Jillian Michaels of NBC's Weight Loss Reality show, The Biggest Loser.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Get $25 OFF Your First Purchase!

Sole Society is hooking us up with a $25 discount on our first purchase! Yesssssss!!! All you have to do is connect with them by signing up (this takes less than five minutes) and then when you're done selecting what you want - use this code at check out - INFLUENSTER25 to get your $25 OFF.

I have been to the site, and they have some super cuties on there. If you are a shoe lover like me, then why are you still on this page? LOL!!!! Head over to now! This offer expires on January 31st!

Style: Blair. Color: Tuscany Tan. Material: Cowsplit leather and suede.

I needed a pair of flats, so I purchased Blair, in Tuscany Tan. She costs $49.95 originally, so with my $25 OFF, I got her for $24.95!!!

It took the average standard shipping time to get to me. They feel comfortable, and are true to size. Shipping was FREE! I think I will be adding some shoe accessories to glam them up a bit! (hee, hee hee).

I received this discount card from Sole Society in my Influenster Holiday 2012 VoxBox to share with you. Happy shopping, and happy new year!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Quaker® Real Medleys Oatmeal: Apple Walnut Flavor - Product Review

This was one of the goodies that came in my Influenster Holiday 2012 VoxBox. I am not an oatmeal lover, so I gave this to my husband to taste. He enjoys oatmeal. The texture was good according to him, as well as the taste, and the fact that it contained real fruit and nuts was also a plus. So, from an oatmeal lover's point of view - this one is a winner. These are the ingredients:

Whole Grain Rolled Oats, Multi Grain Blend (Whole Grain Rolled Oats, Rolled Barley, Whole Grain Rolled Rye), Dried Sweetened Apples (Apples, Sugar), Dried Sweetened Cranberries (Cranberries, Sugar), Walnuts Coated with Rosemary Extract, Brown Sugar, Dehydrated Apples (Apples, Sugar, Fructose, Cinnamon, Malic Acid, Sodium Sulfite for Color Retention), Whole Grain Rolled Wheat, Salt, Cinnamon, Natural Flavor.

It is very easy to prepare. You can choose to microwave, or simply add hot water to it and it is ready to eat, anytime, anywhere. This container is a 2.64oz/75g - enough for a single serving; but mind you, the container is only half full as shown below! LOL!!

Price range: $1.50 - $1.79 per cup. You can find this item in your local supermarket, or places where Quaker® is sold, and it comes in a variety of flavors. If you are an oatmeal lover, the next time you are in the supermarket, check the cereals aisle for these and pick up a few to try.

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✿☛Holiday Or Anytime Nail Art - Tutorial And Product Review☚✿

Happy New Year!!!

In my Influenster Holiday 2012 VoxBox, I got this pack of nail stickers from Kiss.

This is the second time I have received this brand to try out from Influenster. The last item I got was the Ever Pro lash kit which contained 1 pair of lashes, 1 applicator and 1 small bottle of adhesive. Click here to see what I did with those.

These designs are pretty, and if you are someone who is challenged by traditional nail art, you may want to try these.

Now I must say that, the application process is not as easy as it looks in the video. It does take patience, especially if you are not ambidextrous! LOL!

Pros about this item:
1. Nail design is instant. No waiting for polish to dry, since you don't need any.

2. The price range being $5.59 - $6.99 makes this product affordable.

3. The Kiss brand and all of its products are easy to find. I have seen them in the beauty aisles of pharmacies, supermarkets, mass merchandisers like Walmart and Target, and at my local beauty supply stores.

4. You can create any style for your nails from one packet of the stickers. Your limit is your imagination.

5. Easy to remove. Peels right off!

1. These will prove to be difficult or challenging rather, if you are not someone who is ambidextrous.  You may need someone to help you.

2. If your nail beds are broader, then these may not fit well (flush).

3. The adhesive when the packet is opened has a strong smell, so if you are sensitive to strong odors, you will want to use these in a well ventilated area.

4. Stickers adhere to nails so quickly that you may end up with ridges/grooves at the sides even though you have applied evenly and smoothed them out as shown in the video.

5. If you have active hands and feet, expect lifting and chipping after a few days.

6. The edges after filing can be sharp. This was my experience with this particular design, and threads and hair can get caught or pulled by the diamantes.

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Happy new year!