Monday, December 17, 2012

☛I Went To The Game - Cowboys vs Steelers☚

Tickets for these games are usually expensive, and that's one of the reasons why I had never before attended any. This is not my first football game, but my first NFL game. Being a part of the patronage, I realized that people pay for more that just to see a bunch of muscle-bound guys kick a ball around and tackle each other; they pay for the experience and the excitement that goes with competitive sports meets!

I like most sports, and I love being active. My husband's company is a corporate client of Sprint, and from time to time, they treat their best clients to outings such as these. We also a few years back went to the Nascar races, but there was so much rain, they didn't race!

As you may know, it is customary for corporations to own suites in stadia and this is where they would host their clients. Meals are catered and you have a comfortable seated environment to view the game and do business, if that is on the agenda. People like to be entertained, and that is definitely a sure fire way to win over a client! Chicken wings, steak and beer - signed, sealed, delivered! LOL! Hey, this is Texas! Yeeeee haw!!

I was able to capture some footage, and I put it together for you to enjoy. If you ever get the opportunity to go see a game, then please do. Trust me, you will have a blast! Don't forget to take pictures and video footage if you can.

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