Saturday, November 24, 2012

░░Highlights From Fire And Ice Too Fashion Show░░

Produced by Jennifer Hobson Productions, I attended this event last year which was it's first, and it seemed like audience attendance was better then. This year's show was held on November 18th. I was a bit tardy, so I missed a tiny bit of the beginning. There were no programs, so I am only going to report on what I actually saw. When I stepped inside the venue, I showed my ticket, was escorted into the theater and was told I could sit anywhere in the general seating area! I was like..... "Well ok then!", but I didn't really mind, because there were multiple rows of empty seats, and a clear view of the stage. I purchased a VIP ticket so that I would not be obscured by people's heads or rude body blocking when I wanted to record or take pictures. Turns out I didn't need to! Oh well!

There appeared to be more cast and crew, than audience. Or, maybe it was the fact that this time the show was held at the Plano Courtyard Theater where there was more available seating. Nevertheless, the show started on time and concluded when it said it would, and the MC was an upgrade from the one last year! 

It started off with childrens' fashions, then followed by entertainment from Clelovesyou who did gospel-rap if that is a known musical genre. It was a mix of fashion and live singing by local designers and talent. The presentation style for this show was having the models show the fashions while the artists were performing, kind of like BET's Rip-The-Runway.

Jennifer Hobson - CEO of Jennifer Hobson Productions.

Designers lines featured were: Karson's Clothier, Gladol Wilson of Konjo, and there were pieces from Macy's (Fairview). The garments from Macy's looked like 3 or 4 seasons ago items that would now be on the clearance rack. They were the main sponsors, and I expected to see some more exciting pieces since most of us who shop at Macy's know the designers lines that they carry. Thumbs up to Macy's though for outfitting four selected women known personally to Jennifer Hobson who survived various types of cancer; some of them 2 and 3 time survivors! They were treated to a day of pampering and were allowed to choose whatever piece(s) they wanted to wear at the show - no holds barred! That was an awesome gesture on behalf of Macy's. In fact, the Macy's handler to these women herself is a 3-time cancer survivor!

The four cancer survivors escorted on stage by the show's male models.

Karson's Clothier was one of two African American designers lines that showed collections at the recently held Austin Fashion Week! Check out the Austin Fashion Week 2012 blog gallery here. It was mentioned that the designer behind the Konjo AW12 glittery/shiny line for men and women was invited to New York Fashion Week next year,- to him I say good luck and please don't take those clothes to show on the runway there!

Top Right: Madison Alexis. Bottom Right: The show's Master Of Ceremonies.

Additional live entertainment was provided by Dallas native Madison Alexis who is dubbed to be the next big hit coming out of D-Town and by extension, Texas. If she does, remember you heard about her here first! She does country-style pop music which is easy on the ears. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance. She was originally carded to perform 2 songs, but backstage seemed to be a bit disorganized and she was put on the spot and had to perform 4 songs, while they in the back sorted out themselves! She did it gracefully and very professionally! You can check out her music at Her EP Livin' It Up is now available on Price - $4.95. I am going to pick myself up one.

The stage in the theater was used for the presentation of the fashions, but I could never understand why (some) fashion show producers think it is acceptable to have the models walk through the seated audience wearing the designers' garments! This is très tacky in my opinion! This is what they had the models do at this show, and I believe it was in an effort not to have them return to backstage too quickly! Many times, the main stage was left empty, which is a no-no when a production is in session! Never leave the stage empty unless the now proverbial 'fat lady' has sung, and the show is over! I can tell you one thing, I like owls but I am not one, so I cannot twist my head round about to see what is in back of me!

Goody bags with items from sponsors were given to patrons, but I am not sure why a magazine from 2006 made it into the bag!!! I hadn't even noticed that until I got home and started browsing through it and saw the Catherine Deneuve collection from MAC in there! I knew this collection was released in January 2006, because I was still a MAC Artist then! So, that's when I looked at the bottom of the page and saw that in fact, the magazine was dated January 2006!!! Is Beauty Fashion friends with Dr. Who? And Normita Joven herself had the nerve to staple her business card at the top! This is overly, dying-with-laughter hilarious, don't you think so?!! *falls out laughing!*

Overall, the show in itself was ok, and nothing to really rave about - well the decor in the foyer of the theater is amazing! Hahahaha! I was not excited by any of the fashions, save the men's pieces from Karson's. The designers' pieces from last year's show were much better, and far more creative in a fashionista's opinion!

The dress that I am wearing in this picture I made myself. I paid $0.99/yard for the cotton-jersey fabric at Golden D'Or Fabrics, and made it in one afternoon. I got many compliments on my dress, and it looked a whole lot richer and modern than some of those garments that were paraded that I am sure have retail price tags of 50 to 100 times mine!

Will I attend next year if it's on again? Hmmmm, too early to say just now. The 'ice' seemed to have cooled any opportunities the 'fire' had. I'd give it a 5 out of 10. I didn't feel like my money was completely wasted though, so that's always a good thing with me!

Standing next to me is my friend and one of the models in the show - Vandia Sands. I attended the both shows mainly because of her participation.

As usual for y'all, I was able to capture a bit of footage. Take a peek at the video.


  1. I love love love your dress!!! you should have been on that runway girl....

  2. You look so so so so beautiful amiga!!!! It was a nice to see the 4 cancer survivors. I'm happy for them. Great job on this blog! <333

    1. Muchas gracias amiga! Yes, they are strong women for real!

  3. ooppss meant, it was nice to see the 4 cancer survivors. ;)