Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Nakeds Have Got A Little Sister!!!

If you like mattes and neutrals, then you definitely want to check out this palette. Price: $27. It includes four never before seen colors. Click on the images to shop now.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

♥☺♥ These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things Holiday Giveaway!!!♥☺♥


Hey y'all!!! It's giveaway time!!! The Holidays are here, and I am bringing you some good cheer!!! You could be one of two lucky winners to have something extra to put under your Christmas tree! 

Here's how to enter, but you should also watch the video for more explanation and to see what the goodies are.

1. MUST be a subscriber of my Flawless And Fancy You Tube channel.
2. Like this video.
3. You may comment as many times as you wish, but please do not write the same thing every time. (This is when commenting in the comment box on You Tube.)
4. Open Internationally.
5. If you are under 18 years of age, YOU MUST get your parents' permission to enter!
6. This is additional, but not compulsory....
- Like my Facebook page.
- Follow me on Instagram: @Butterscotchchick
- Follow this blog publicly. You will NEVER BE SPAMMED EVER!
By doing the above listed in 6, you will be able to comment in these places and get extra entries to increase your chances of winning. You can gain access to my profiles on these social media by clicking the buttons/links in the sidebar of this blog page. (If you haven't done so already.)
7. Please include your You Tube name so that I know who to apply the entries to.
8. Giveaway starts on November 28th, and ends on December 9th, 2012 at 11:59 CST.

Thank you for entering. Good luck to everyone! Cheers!

FTC Disclaimer: This is not sponsored. All items were purchased by me with my own money. I am not responsible if the items in this package do not suit your taste or cause any allergic reactions. Most of the items are in their original manufacturer's/distributor's/retailer's packaging and have never been used. Items cannot be returned. 

For International entrants: I am not responsible for any custom and excise duties that may be applied to this package upon receipt.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

░░Highlights From Fire And Ice Too Fashion Show░░

Produced by Jennifer Hobson Productions, I attended this event last year which was it's first, and it seemed like audience attendance was better then. This year's show was held on November 18th. I was a bit tardy, so I missed a tiny bit of the beginning. There were no programs, so I am only going to report on what I actually saw. When I stepped inside the venue, I showed my ticket, was escorted into the theater and was told I could sit anywhere in the general seating area! I was like..... "Well ok then!", but I didn't really mind, because there were multiple rows of empty seats, and a clear view of the stage. I purchased a VIP ticket so that I would not be obscured by people's heads or rude body blocking when I wanted to record or take pictures. Turns out I didn't need to! Oh well!

There appeared to be more cast and crew, than audience. Or, maybe it was the fact that this time the show was held at the Plano Courtyard Theater where there was more available seating. Nevertheless, the show started on time and concluded when it said it would, and the MC was an upgrade from the one last year! 

It started off with childrens' fashions, then followed by entertainment from Clelovesyou who did gospel-rap if that is a known musical genre. It was a mix of fashion and live singing by local designers and talent. The presentation style for this show was having the models show the fashions while the artists were performing, kind of like BET's Rip-The-Runway.

Jennifer Hobson - CEO of Jennifer Hobson Productions.

Designers lines featured were: Karson's Clothier, Gladol Wilson of Konjo, and there were pieces from Macy's (Fairview). The garments from Macy's looked like 3 or 4 seasons ago items that would now be on the clearance rack. They were the main sponsors, and I expected to see some more exciting pieces since most of us who shop at Macy's know the designers lines that they carry. Thumbs up to Macy's though for outfitting four selected women known personally to Jennifer Hobson who survived various types of cancer; some of them 2 and 3 time survivors! They were treated to a day of pampering and were allowed to choose whatever piece(s) they wanted to wear at the show - no holds barred! That was an awesome gesture on behalf of Macy's. In fact, the Macy's handler to these women herself is a 3-time cancer survivor!

The four cancer survivors escorted on stage by the show's male models.

Karson's Clothier was one of two African American designers lines that showed collections at the recently held Austin Fashion Week! Check out the Austin Fashion Week 2012 blog gallery here. It was mentioned that the designer behind the Konjo AW12 glittery/shiny line for men and women was invited to New York Fashion Week next year,- to him I say good luck and please don't take those clothes to show on the runway there!

Top Right: Madison Alexis. Bottom Right: The show's Master Of Ceremonies.

Additional live entertainment was provided by Dallas native Madison Alexis who is dubbed to be the next big hit coming out of D-Town and by extension, Texas. If she does, remember you heard about her here first! She does country-style pop music which is easy on the ears. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance. She was originally carded to perform 2 songs, but backstage seemed to be a bit disorganized and she was put on the spot and had to perform 4 songs, while they in the back sorted out themselves! She did it gracefully and very professionally! You can check out her music at Her EP Livin' It Up is now available on Price - $4.95. I am going to pick myself up one.

The stage in the theater was used for the presentation of the fashions, but I could never understand why (some) fashion show producers think it is acceptable to have the models walk through the seated audience wearing the designers' garments! This is très tacky in my opinion! This is what they had the models do at this show, and I believe it was in an effort not to have them return to backstage too quickly! Many times, the main stage was left empty, which is a no-no when a production is in session! Never leave the stage empty unless the now proverbial 'fat lady' has sung, and the show is over! I can tell you one thing, I like owls but I am not one, so I cannot twist my head round about to see what is in back of me!

Goody bags with items from sponsors were given to patrons, but I am not sure why a magazine from 2006 made it into the bag!!! I hadn't even noticed that until I got home and started browsing through it and saw the Catherine Deneuve collection from MAC in there! I knew this collection was released in January 2006, because I was still a MAC Artist then! So, that's when I looked at the bottom of the page and saw that in fact, the magazine was dated January 2006!!! Is Beauty Fashion friends with Dr. Who? And Normita Joven herself had the nerve to staple her business card at the top! This is overly, dying-with-laughter hilarious, don't you think so?!! *falls out laughing!*

Overall, the show in itself was ok, and nothing to really rave about - well the decor in the foyer of the theater is amazing! Hahahaha! I was not excited by any of the fashions, save the men's pieces from Karson's. The designers' pieces from last year's show were much better, and far more creative in a fashionista's opinion!

The dress that I am wearing in this picture I made myself. I paid $0.99/yard for the cotton-jersey fabric at Golden D'Or Fabrics, and made it in one afternoon. I got many compliments on my dress, and it looked a whole lot richer and modern than some of those garments that were paraded that I am sure have retail price tags of 50 to 100 times mine!

Will I attend next year if it's on again? Hmmmm, too early to say just now. The 'ice' seemed to have cooled any opportunities the 'fire' had. I'd give it a 5 out of 10. I didn't feel like my money was completely wasted though, so that's always a good thing with me!

Standing next to me is my friend and one of the models in the show - Vandia Sands. I attended the both shows mainly because of her participation.

As usual for y'all, I was able to capture a bit of footage. Take a peek at the video.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Introduces Their Metallurgy Collection Of Lip Tars - Pick Yours Up Today In Their Black Friday Sale!!

OCC's Black Friday special! Starting this Friday, November 23rd through Cyber Monday, November 26th any and all purchases over $25.00 USD will receive Triptych Lip Tar from their new Metallurgy Collection - their very first Metallics Lip Tars!

This offer is valid only at and at their freestanding boutique at 174 Ludlow Street in NYC! Get yours as soon as the promotion begins on Friday, while supplies last!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

♥☺♥Petal Beauty Face Makeup Brushes Review And Tutorial ♥☺♥

I was contacted through my website by Petal Enterprises LLC and asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their makeup brushes. I was sent these to use and to give my feedback.

This is not a paid review, so there is no coercion by the promise of monetary gain. My opinions of these products are my honest ones based on use.

The video demonstration shows some of the ways you can use them and their versatility.

Click on the images below to go directly to the product page on the website if you are interested in purchasing these.
Flat Top Kabuki Face/Body Brush

Angled Kabuki Face/Body Brush

Precision Round Face Brush

Precision Tapered Face Brush

Additionally, Petal Beauty is giving a complimentary gift of a travel sized eye shadow blending brush valued at $8.99! To claim this all you need to do is:

1. Be a subscriber of my You Tube channel. (You can click the blue button in the video that says "click here to subscribe", or if you are watching on You Tube, simple click the "subscribe" button over top of the video.
2. 'Like' Petal Beauty on Facebook. Click here to connect to their Facebook page.
3. Click on the tab that says - "complimentary gift", and follow the instructions.
4. Mention that Flawless And Fancy sent ya!


Please note that this free gift will only be shipped to US addresses. 


♥☺♥ Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!!! ♥☺♥

Monday, November 19, 2012

♦◊♦ Holiday Makeup - 24K: Tutorial ♦◊♦

I love the holidays! They are so festive and fun!! They make me think of glitter and shiny things! Wait! I'm always thinking of glitter and shiny things! Hahahahah! 

Anyway, here's something that you can try for a Holiday party or if you just love statement eye makeup! 

Designers - this look is also great for turning out your pieces at a fashion show. 

If you are one of my Island girls, then you know you can work this in with your carnival costume, or just for going to one or a couple of the fetes!

I hope that you enjoy re-creating this look as much as I did doing the demo. (P.S. - enjoy the music!)

I love glitter! 

Thumbs up for glitter lovers!

Because of audio copyright, this video may not be available on mobile devices. Please watch on You Tube to see this tutorial video.

Products Used:

Ben Nye Lumière Luxe Powder - Sun Yellow
NARS Eye Shadow Duo - Cheyenne
NYX Loose Glitter - Gold
Maybelline Color Tattoo - Fierce And Tangy
MAC Eye Khol - Smolder
K.I.S.S. Ever Pro Lash Starter Kit
Mehron Mixing Medium Liquid (Aqua)
Lash Adhesive - Duo for sensitive eyes
MAC Eye Shadow - Saddle
Mehron Intense Pressed Pigment - Carbon
Mascara - They're Real by Benefit - Black

MAC Glimmer Shimmer - Fashion Leader (Barbie Loves MAC Collection)

Covergirl Lipstick - Rush

MAC: #242, #223, #213, #113
Coastal Scents: Eye Shadow Brush (Pink Collection)
Urban Decay: Good Karma Eye Shadow Brush (comes with Naked palette)
E.L.F.: Angled Contour Brush

Friday, November 16, 2012

◙◙Protective Styling - Roll-A-Bun◙◙

Protective styling begins with a healthy hair care regimen, and includes hairstyles that keep the ends of your hair off your back and moisture-stealing clothing, by pinning them up, and away.

Here's another quick, easy variation to the simple bun hair style that you can wear both casually, and formally. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

•♦•How To Get Clear Under Arms•♦•

After being asked this question by a friend, I decided that I would do some research to see how I could help. I myself don't have an issue with dark skin under my arms, but I know that some people do, especially those who shave in that area.

After doing some research, and adding in the things I already know about skin care, I decided to share this with you. It is pretty easy, and all natural. You will be amazed with the results. Like with any treatment you have to be patient and diligent to see the best and desired outcome.

As usual, the video tutorial explains exactly what you need to do, and how.

Brown Sugar
100% Castor Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar
Baking Soda

Thursday, November 8, 2012

♥●♥ 4Naturals - Type3 Hair Product Review ♥●♥

I had never heard about these products before when I saw them at the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show that was held here in Arlington, TX back at the end of September/the beginning of October.

They were doing a demo on how the products can be used to care, style and maintain natural hair. I was very interested in them and the fact that the products were prepackaged to suit the particular hair type, and that it cost $15 enticed me to purchased to try them. I am glad that I did because these are AWESOME! 

My hair type is 3c/4a, and O/S, using the L.O.I.S hair typing system. Those are where my hair falls on the hair typing charts that are used to determine the degree of texture in hair. These are the products that I got in my box, and their claims.

This formula is sulfate-free that gently cleanses, leaving the hair healthy, shiny, tangle and frizz-free, and super soft. It is safe to use on color treated hair and virgin hair extensions.

Is designed to smooth the cuticle and remove knots, tangles and frizz. It helps nourish dry, thirsty hair leaving it protected, soft and silky and at the same time, sealing in shine.

This deep penetrating conditioner for damaged hair is a restorative protein mask that delivers essential nutrients onto the scalp and hair. It improves the appearance of thinning hair, and creates an environment for fuller, healthier-looking hair. Excellent to use on damaged, transitional or color treated hair.

This creamy lotion is custom designed for curly/kinky hair. This product reduces bulk and elongates curls without adding weight and residue. Curl Craze™ luxuriously moisturizes and restores natural curls. This formula includes essential nutrients to enhance shine and manageability.

4Naturals Daily Treatment contains active ingredients that stimulate the hair follicles, increasing blood circulation to promote healthy hair growth. It,

  • Reduces hair loss
  • Stops hair breakage
  • Promotes new hair growth
  • Strengthens fragile hair
  • Adds thickness

In the video I share my experiences with these products and how I used them.

Check out 4Naturals website here.

Click here to visit/like them on Facebook.

Monday, November 5, 2012

☺How To Preserve Your Fashion Jewelry☺

In a previous article I showed how I was able to upcycle a tote bag that I thrifted. When you are on a budget you have to learn how to make things last a long time or re-fashion them to make them keep up with the current trend.

Today, I will show you what I do to preserve my favorite pieces of fashion jewelry so that they last longer.

Click here to see how I upcycled my thrifted tote bag. 

☺Saying Hello...Thanks...And Welcome!!☺

Sunday, November 4, 2012

••Double Knot Messy Bun - Protective Styling With Goody Spin Pins••

To achieve this hairstyle, I used my Goody Spin Pins that I got in my Influenster 2012 Beauty Bloggers Vox Box. I was glad to receive these since I had already owned a pair and know that they work really well to hold your hair in place.

This is what they look like. 

The jewel attachment does not come with the pin, I put that on there myself.

In the video tutorial, you will see how to create this super easy and elegant hairstyle that you can wear casually or formally.

You can find Goody Spin Pins ANYWHERE Goody hair styling products are sold, and the price ranges from $3.99 - $7.29. They come in colors for dark and light colored hair, as well as mini spin pins, where there are 3 in a pack instead of two.

Click here to see all the goodies I got in my BBVB.