Sunday, October 14, 2012

♦▪♦ Influenster Gets A Makeover ♦▪♦

When I first signed up and became an Influenster back in August 2012, this product testing program's site was simple, and there wasn't much to engage in. I received my first VoxBox (product box with my free items to test). I got the Fall Naturals one, which was the first program I qualified for that was ready to go out just as I joined. If you missed it earlier, you can click here to see my Fall 2012 Vox Box products reviews.

Since then, they have upgraded and made the site more interactive and loaded with different activities to participate in, (thumbs up!) as well as more options to share your honest opinions about products that you have tried and tested. Alas, like with everything that is new, there are going to be hiccups.

What is Influenster you ask? Well, it is an online, free-to-join community of trendsetters who have elected to test and review products currently on the market or about the enter the market, and give honest feedback. You have to complete short simple surveys to earn what they call badges, that give the company information about you so that they will know what to send you that best suits your lifestyle.

I think that it is excellent that the site has been upgraded, but there are many kinks that need to be worked out and improved upon. For example:

1. Not everyone uses all of the social media sites, and I think that this should be changed to give the person the option to choose the ones he/she has, and not all that they (Influenster) have listed. The way it is set up now, many people are unable to complete the Brand Challenges.

2. I am a proof reader, and I hate to publish a finished article with typographical errors, bad grammar and/or incorrect sentence construction. The site's areas provided for writing your reviews sometimes obscure the words that you are typing, and you do not have the option to preview before you submit; and after you submit, it is final. You cannot edit!

3. The Influenster Administration personnel do not respond to your email, even though they say that you can contact them by email if you have any queries!

4. Members have been invited to link their blogs, Google+Facebook, Pinterest, You Tube and Twitter accounts to their Influenster profiles, and the links do not work. If you click on the links, you get re-routed to a page that tells you there is an error or that the page cannot be found.

5. When you attempt to 'share' information about a product from the site on the listed available social media sites where you may have an account, the picture/thumbnail that shows is not one of the product, but instead that of some featured uploaded member's video that does not feature the product you are intending to share information on.

6. There should be a tab on the members' profiles where they can click to easily see the reviews that they have given on products, so that they know it was taken into consideration and/or published.

Those are the ills that I have noticed so far after having navigated through the site, participating in various brand challenges and giving reviews. The good thing is that Influenster has invited members to express what they think about the new site, and to be honest while doing so. So of course, me being the person that I am, and always keeping it 100%, all day every day, I submitted my findings without prejudice.  

Above all that, I thoroughly enjoy being part of this awesome network. It is a great way to get real and truthful opinions from real people, about products currently on the market, or now about to enter.

If you are interested in participating in this program, click here.

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