Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Highlights From The Bronner Brothers International Hair Show - Arlington 2012

When I first heard that this show was going to be here in Texas I was completely ecstatic!!  I had attended it once before back in 2008, and I had a blast. Not only was it educational, but it was a-buzz with excitement from the shoppers, competitions both for professionals and students in the beauty industry, and the nighttime entertainment. This show is geared more toward the Hair Artist and Hair Enthusiast, but Makeup Artists also do have a place to fit in. Usually events like these just pass the South West states by, but I was glad that they didn't this time. It was their first time ever holding the show here, as well as in Oakland, CA.

If you are not familiar with the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show, I will just give you a brief history. The show started off at the YMCA in Atlanta, GA back in 1947. As time went on, the show grew in attendance to where it is now held at the Georgia World Congress Center, which is a colossal facility in Atlanta, GA. It is held four times yearly over a three day period each time, with two shows being held in Atlanta - one in February and the other in August, as well as in The Bahamas and Baltimore, MD.

Professional Hair and Makeup Artists who are at the pinnacle of their craft, provide their services to impart their extensive knowledge in all things beauty, so that those of us who have chosen this career path may benefit from what they have to share. The vendors come out to pedal their variety of brands, and you can also experience seminars that educate you about being the best entrepreneur that you can be while building your business successfully.

Of course, all work and no play makes everything dull and bland, so after the energy packed day of shopping and learning, you can get down and boogie at the privately organized parties at night or die laughing at a comedy show!! Hahahah!!

At the Atlanta show, which I am sure has the greatest number of attendees, you will find celebrities hosting after-parties, or just making an appearance in the exhibit hall. Yes, they'll take pictures with you or sign an autograph if you ask them to. I was very happy to have met and spoken with fabulous New York hairstylist and the Arlington show host, Ms. Brittanica Stewart! She is the truth!!

L-R: Stephanie Haywood (San Angelo, TX Hairstylist), Brittanica Stewart (owner of Brittanica Stewart Salon, NY, NY and BB Arlington's Show Host), and Me.

Being that this was the first year here in Texas, I thought that it was very well attended. The Hair Battle - an entertaining mix of skill and personality set to dance and music, is held for very experienced hairstylists. Five of them participated - representing: Dallas, TX; Shreveport, LA; Oklahoma City, OK; and San Antonio, TX.  The winner will go on to represent the South Western states at the Hair Battle in Atlanta in February 2013.  Guess who won? Yesssssssss, Dallas of course!

All the participants did great, but her medley of hairstyles through the decades, and her ability to quickly change the style on the dancing model's head was what propelled her to the winner's row! She definitely showed out!

Other competitions held were the Student Mannequin Competition and the Grab Bag Competition. For the Student Competition, beauty school attendees used their creativity, learned skills, and tools to style stationary mannequin heads. Competitors in the Grab Bag Competition were given a bag containing commercial hair and styling products, and they were to create a hair style using ONLY what was in the bag. The twist? - they had to style real heads! These were the winning looks:

Left Top & Bottom: Winner (in orange floral top) of the Grab Bag Competition and her model.
Middle: Winner of the Student Mannequin Competition with  her winning hair style.
Top Right: Grab Bag Competitors at work. Ms. Brittanica Stewart entertaining the audience.
Bottom Right: Student Mannequin Competitors getting their styling on.

I had a great time, and even though I didn't do too much shopping, I did pick up those 4Naturals products to try. 4Naturals is a product-line by Bronner Brothers geared toward the care and maintenance of natural hair, whether it be straight, wavy, curly, or kinky-coily. A review on 4Naturals will be coming soon within the next couple of weeks. Stay subscribed to my You Tube channel, Facebook page and/or this blog for those updates.

For information on Bronner Brothers International Hair Show upcoming events, stay connected with them by joining their mailing list, or through their Facebook page so that you will be one of the first to know when things are about to pop off! Whooooop!!

For those of you who couldn't be there, I have included some images below. Hope to see you next year!


  1. What a great event Marie and you were looking fabulous like always. I love how we look so different from out workout clothes...LOL. Next time I need to tag along with you to one of these events. :)

    1. Yes it was girl. It usually is, especially in Atlanta! Thanks you. :) Interesting that you said that because there are people who have never seen me in workout clothes! LOL! I guess it's where we see each other most. Yep, next time. I am waiting to see if Dallas Fashion Week will happen again come January 2013.