Wednesday, October 24, 2012

☼☼Essence Magazine Shares It's Top 50 Picks Of Favorite YouTube Beauty Constant Creators!!! ☼☼

As an Essence Magazine subscriber, I was excited to see that they have released their list of their Top 50 picks of Favorite YouTube Beauty Vloggers/Constant Creators. Some of them I do subscribe to, and some I have never heard of. I was surprised that many other popular ones weren't on this list. Oh well! 

This pick-'o'-the crop was chosen based on feedback Essence got when they asked their Facebook fans to tell them who their favorite You Tube Beauty Vloggers were. Click HERE to see who made the list. 

Are any of your favs on there? If they are, then head on over to their pages and congratulate them! It takes a lot of time, resources, and effort to produce a video worth watching to upload to YouTube, trust me I know! LOL!

Congratz ladies!!!

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