Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Passing On The One Lovely Blog Award!

When I first started my blog back in March 2012, SpecialK was kind enough to present me with this virtual award! (She has been a loyal supporter since!) My blog was a month old, and I don't think anyone was reading my articles then. It served as encouragement for me to keep writing. This blog award is specifically for bloggers who don't have lots of members!

Today, I have 13 members (local and international) and my articles are being read everyday by quite a few people. YAY!!! 

The requirements of being a recipient of this award is that you have to pass it on to other bloggers who follow your blog, as well as state 7 random facts about yourself. I didn't know anyone to pass it on to who had not received it before, but I do now!

The two active bloggers whom I have chosen to receive this award are:

Please do check out these three lovely beauty bloggers' blogs. 

Click HERE to see my original One Lovely Blog Award post.


  1. Oh Wow thank you so much love this means alot as i am new to this blog thing. This really means alot. Thanks alot
    JamaicanSunhsine xoxoxox

    1. Oh honey you are most welcome! It was my pleasure to finally be able to pass it on to a lovely blogger! xoxo :)