Saturday, June 30, 2012

Products Of The Month - June 2012

These are my picks to be honored for the month of June.
Angel Butter by Skull Soap

This is an ultra rich, creamy, whipped body butter and it is pure awesomeness!! It is handcrafted, quickly absorbed into the skin, and contains these ingredients:
shea butter, olive oil, sweet almond oil, glycerine, jojoba oil, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, germaben, fragrance.

It leaves my skin super soft and lightly scented. I use this especially on my feet in-between my pedicures, which I do myself at home; as well as on my elbows. This butter gives me the ability to stretch the time between my pedis even longer because of how well my feet retain the moisture. No ashy feet and elbows over here! Heyyyy!!

Get your whipped on from Skull Soap products here.

Finger Paints - Neons

I decided to get these when I went into Sally's. I had never used the brand before, and decided to give it a try. The promotion was buy any 3 and get a free mini tote bag. So I said why not?! I was so impressed with the quality of the polish. The stuff even glows in the dark or under black lights!!!!!!!

Neons are in for this Spring and Summer. This formula is nice and rich and thick.

How did this fair? Check out the Q & A below....

Q. Does it chip or peel?
A. No

Q. Are the colors true?
A. Yes

Q. How many coats do you need to apply to get a finished look?
A. About 1 - 2 coats.

Q. Is it streak-free?
A. Yes

Q. Is it easy to remove with nail polish remover?
A. Yes. It comes of clean with Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Remover. Leaves no residue, or stains. 

Finger Paints and Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Remover are available at Sally's Beauty Supply, in stores or online.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to write them in the comments section, and I will try to answer them for you.

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