Friday, June 8, 2012

Disco Ball - Eye Shadow Application Tutorial

Love this look? This is a fabulous way to accessorize your outfit with some eye drama.  Werrrkkkk!!!!  It is pretty easy to achieve too. 

Check out my tutorial video below to see how.

If you do not have these cosmetic brands, any brand with similar colors will do.

Due to audio copyright, this video is not available for viewing on a mobile device.


  1. Marie, you look stunning and I need to come to you so you can help me refresh my make up! I need a little upgrade! (: xoxoxox

  2. love the look, will sure try it out:)

    1. Thank you Joy Shana. Be sure to let me know how it came out. :) Thanks for reading and watching. I took a look at your blog, love your looks!